Between 2003 and 2009, the number of women motorcyclists increased 67% and now, nearly 1 in 4 riders in the United States are female. To celebrate our new female riders, May is officially Women Riders Month. Women motorcyclists are a driving force in the motorcycling world these days and numerous women bikers are setting records, overcoming obstacles, and falling in love with a life on two-wheels. Women motorcycle clubs are springing up all across the country and the community has taken notice.
For those who are aspiring to be motorcycle riders, Harley-Davidson is taking advantage of Women Riders Month to host “garage parties” across the country. Women can attend these garage parties to learn more about motorcycles, riding basics, and choosing the ultimate bike and gear for their lifestyle. You can locate a list of garage parties across the United States by visiting the Harley-Davidson website. They’re even hosting a contest just for the ladies! Stop into a Harley-Davidson service department and get your mileage documented: for every 100 miles you ride in the month of May, you will receive 1 chance to win.
Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® was out in Denver Co earlier this month with BAM, Free Breakdown and Legal Assistance for Motorcyclists, supporting women riders at the 2014 Steel Horse Sisterhood Summit. Coming up this month in Palm Desert, California is the Running of the L.A.W (Ladies Annual Weekend) May30th – June 1st. The Sisters Who Ride present this annual weekend for motorcycling women and the men who ride with them. There will be karaoke, a meet-and-greet pool party, and a bike blessing.
At Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® and BAM, Free Breakdown and Legal Assistance for Motorcyclists, we know why you ride because we are riders too! In fact our own Kathy ‘Kitty’ Brooks is an avid motorcyclist, riding both competitively and recreationally. From the moment she turned 8, she began riding her brother’s dirt bike—and you couldn’t get her off! From that moment on, anything with two wheels and a motor became her passion.

Kathy ‘Kitty’ Brooks owning the race track.

At just 13-years-old, she saved up her allowance to buy a small 1970’s trail bike that she used to ride off-road. By the time she was old enough to hit the streets, Kitty rode a friend’s Kawasaki Ninja 250 and then decided to buy one for herself. Later in life, she bought a Honda VFR700, Honda VFR750 & countless others. She now owns 3 motorcycles, an Aprilia Falco SL-1000, Honda NS50 & a Honda NSR50.

Yet Kitty’s love for motorcycling didn’t just end with casual riding and collecting-Kitty actually races! After years of riding canyons and tracks, she began road racing in 2001. She has received numerous trophies in stock, modified, and Vet classics and races with M1GP. Still, Kitty wanted to be even more involved in the world of motorcycles. In 2004 Kitty began her work as a representative for BAM and has since been promoting Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorney’s BAM program at rides and rallies all over the country. Today, Kitty is the official BAM rep for the San Diego, California area and is passionate about promoting BAM to the riding community.
Kitty isn’t the only one–women everywhere are beginning to fall in love with motorcycling.  As more women hit the roads, manufacturers and designers are taking notice. Full bike lines are being designed specifically for a woman rider’s needs and body type. Harley-Davidson even offers a way to build your own dream bike that’s customized for the woman rider. So it’s not surprising that the top-selling motorcycle brand among women riders in the U.S. is Harley-Davidson. In fact, they’ve sold more motorcycles to women than all other brands combined!
Even clothing lines and accessories are being geared specifically towards women riders. Harley-Davidson even offers a Women Rider Comfort System of clothing designed specifically for women bikers. The new Women Rider Comfort System line includes base layers, mid layers, and outer layers for all types of riding conditions. You can view the apparel and custom bikes on the Harley-Davidson Women Riders website!
It’s never too late to learn to ride, and research continues to show the positive impact riding has on women. A recent study released in 2013 found that women who ride motorcycles were actually happier than those who didn’t. They also carried more self-esteem and were more contented with their careers.

Feeling a little intimidated about riding?
Kitty says “A great way to build up some confidence and getting familiar with the bike is starting out on an off-road motorcycle and then transferring that knowledge to a street bike. This is a excellent way to learn basic skills like shifting, balance, etc, and if you accidentally drop it, most off-road bikes do not suffer much damage.
Another great way to build experience before getting on the road is to find a mini road racing organization in your area. Mini road racing bikes resemble larger bikes but are a little smaller so they are easier to handle. Mini bikes are an excellent way to work on your technique for cornering and achieving a more intimate relationship with the machine and how it performs. Most mini bike organizations are dedicated to encouraging new riders so they have courses anywhere from early beginners up to advanced levels. Contrary to what some may think, usually no experience is required to get on the track for a practice session as long as you know the basics of how to operate the motorcycle & follow the track rules. And last but not least check out your local MSF Safety Course (”
You can never have too much knowledge and confidence when it comes to riding a motorcycle. I took a course this spring to sharpen my riding skills…and now we just need some good riding weather.
Ride safe and we look forward to seeing you on the open road!

"I decided to take a course this spring to sharpen my riding skills." Audrey Nesbitt, Russ Brown/BAM

“I decided to take a course this spring to sharpen my riding skills.” Audrey Nesbitt, Russ Brown/BAM