CA motorcycle lawyerThe following tragic motorcycle story happened a few weeks back in California. I am reporting on it again due to the fact that the driver that caused the accident is still to be found.
Saturday, November 13th turned deadly for a group of motorcycle enthusiasts celebrating the 10th anniversary of their motorcycle club. With five California motorcyclists killed and six more injured, this CA motorcycling accident will not be forgotten.
There were really two individuals responsible for this California motorcycle accident, according to police reports. While one remained at the scene of the accident, the other driver fled the scene and has not been identified. According to the report, this San Diego motorcycle accident involved traffic flowing in both directions, and alcohol is suspected to be involved, although the level to which it contributed to the incident has yet to be determined.
The Lakeside Based Saddle Tramps Motorcycle Club was on their way to Quechan Casino Resort where they intended to spend the night in celebration of their club’s 10th anniversary. The accident occurred on Saturday around 1pm on state route 98 about 80 miles east of San Diego. The San Diego motorcycling accident killed four members of the club—as well as the passenger of the vehicle that struck the group of motorcyclists.
This past Wednesday, San Diego Harley Davidson hosted a benefit for the injured bikers at Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery in downtown San Diego. Money raised at the event will benefit the victims of the accident and their families. This is just one of many such events that have taken place since the crash, including a blood drive in which 100 pints of blood were donated in memory of the San Diego bikers.
Accidents do happen, but when it affects so many, it is awesome to see the greater motorcycle community come together and really make a difference in supporting those who are left behind and even potentially provide help (via blood drives) to future accident victims.
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