biker law injuryRuss Brown Motorcycle Attorney: Being hit on your motorcycle is definitely a tough situation to deal with, but when you have been involved in an accident that has multiple accident victims and the potential for multiple at fault drivers the only thing you can do to make sure your rights are protected and you receive a fair settlement to cover all of the bills and expenses surrounding your accident is to hire an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer.
Every state has different laws and regulations that cover personal injury accidents and when there are multiple parties involved in a motorcycle accident especially where has been serious injury the only thing you should consider is hiring a highly experienced and aggressive motorcycle accident lawyer to represent your interests throughout the legal process.
Having a motorcycle accident lawyer who is not only experienced with personal injuries but also specializes in motorcycle accidents will know how to begin the accident investigation process to build a detailed report of the accident and how each party was involved. Once your lawyer has a clear understanding of the accident, which drivers were at fault and a report of your injuries and your doctors prognosis for your recovery, he will file an insurance claim demand with the at fault driver’s insurance company.
The main reason you want a personal injury lawyer who specializes in motorcycle accidents is this skilled lawyer has in-depth understanding of the dynamics of motorcycle accidents and how they relate to the sustain injuries of motorcycle accident victims.
During the claims process the insurance company claims adjusters may try to dispute portions of your claim, especially if you were riding a Harley Davidson or other custom motorcycle. Your motorcycle accident lawyer will know how to rebut these attempts to devalue your claim and will use the facts of the accident to secure his legal position while protecting your rights.
In situations where there were actually more than one at fault driver, your lawyer will seek to recover damages from all parties involved and while settling a case of this type may take longer than more typical motorcycle accident cases, your lawyer will look out for your best interest.
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