MSF Approved Basic Rider Course Students at Westside Motorcycle Academy

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer; More and more women are deciding to grab the handlebars and enter the wonderful world of riding motorcycles and we have learned time and time again that safety is the foundation for enjoying the ride.
Whether you have just enrolled in a motorcycle-riding course or have been riding most of your life … keeping yourself intact, safe and preventing or avoiding a motorcycle accident is something that ALL of us motorcyclists have in common.
When it comes to preventing yourself from becoming a motorcycle accident statistic, I’m all for a little reminder or learning a new tip or two. I want you to enjoy the freedom of the open road for many years to come and create many memories riding motorcycles. With most of you being familiar with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and the great courses it offers to both beginning and experienced riders, I figured I would go to professionals in the field and pester them for riding tips that they feel would be beneficial. Always good to get first hand what the pros are thinking.

Some of the best in the business, the pros from Yamaha Champions Riding School. Highly respected lead instructor Nick Ienatsch with instructor Ken Hill and Scott Russell at the International Motorcycle Show.

Sometimes a little reminder can save your butt when an unforeseen situation springs across your path. I intentionally asked the women in our Women Rider Spotlight features what riding issues they found challenging, so we could address them knowing that other riders also wanted to improve in the same area.
Many of us have heard the “know it all biker” who tells you he’s been riding for 25+ years and the first thing that comes to your mind is “yeah, and you been riding like crap for most of them.” Or the gal who wanted to learn to ride and her first time instructor was her husband, boyfriend or some form of a “self proclaimed moto expert” who is the known nutt-ball on the road, or whose instruction came across like the overbearing motorcycle authority and the poor woman felt so miserable that the whole spark of riding was barely a flicker.
Stay tuned as we get rolling will information I hope you will find useful and invite you to please send me your questions as we roll on with tips.
If you know of a great school or instructor let us know!

Harley-Davidson Riders Edge Course has gained a stellar reputation for great instruction.

In the meantime ride safe, stay alert and enjoy the ride.
Ride ON,
Brenda Fox

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