Ohio Motorcycle Accident AttorneysAccording to WKBN, a Canfield, Ohio man is benefiting from a 3-D Virtual Rehabilitation program at a facility in Boardman following his motorcycle accident last year. The downed Ohio biker, an athletic director in a local school district, suffered multiple injuries in his accident, including the loss of a leg, broken hip and pelvis, and shattered jawbone and cheek.
The Ohio motorcycle accident occurred on August 29th, 2010 near Washingtonville when an SUV driver failed to stop at a stop sign and plowed into the oncoming motorcyclist on State Route 14.
The new 3-D rehabilitation therapy uses a computer-based simulation of the patient’s movements to assist the patient in learning to walk anew. The system uses a three-dimensional camera and special software to assess the patient’s gait and help them as they begin to walk again. Patients and staff alike are enthusiastic about this sophisticated new tool.
Lucky bikers, unlucky bikers…
The Canfield, Ohio man was lucky enough to be a candidate for one of these costly new medical treatments which save lives, reduce pain and suffering, and speed recoveries. Motorcyclists who are fortunate enough to have excellent insurance at the time of an accident are indeed lucky.
Still, for far too many of the people hurt in motorcycle accidents in Ohio each year, such medical treatments prove to be elusive. Unlucky Ohio bikers without excellent insurance policies may face months or years of waiting for limited space in state-paid therapy and rehabilitation programs.
Insurance companies are usually not eager to pay for expensive medical treatments, no matter how effective they may be. And, an injured rider can quickly exhaust medical insurance benefits during the acute phase of his or her recovery, leaving little or nothing for rehabilitation expenses.
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