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Sunny skies and scenic coastlines make California the ideal playground for motorcyclists. California bikers experience an incredible sense of freedom while cruising on the open road. Unfortunately, as many California motorcyclists know, this freedom may come with a high price. Due to a motorcycle’s limited physical protection and stability, CA motorcycle accidents often result in serious physical injury or death. This past weekend proved to be a deadly weekend for three CA motorcyclists.

KSBW news in Salinas reported that on Sunday July 25, 54-year old Keith Kaiser was killed on his motorcycle while leaving the Red Bull Grand Prix at the Mazda Raceway in Laguna Seca. An accident involving three motorcycles resulted when a 46-year old male motorcyclist made a U-turn onto Reservation Rd, striking the driver of another motorcycle. Kaiser died on the scene after hitting the second motorcycle. A 26-year old motorcycle driver and his 37-year old female passenger suffered injuries in the motorcycle crash and were both taken to nearby hospitals for treatment.

Early Sunday morning, another California motorcyclist died on Interstate Highway 80 near Dixon in Solano County. According to Mercury News in Silicon Valley, the California motorcyclist crashed into the center median while driving westbound on I-80 and died on the scene.

On Friday July 23, a motorcyclist in Colton California suffered a fatal motorcycle crash near Reche Canyon Road. The San Bernardino Sun reports that the 26-year old male, who was only going 15 miles per hour, lost control and hit a metal wire. The motorcyclist hit the pavement after being thrown from his motorcycle. He later died at Riverside County Regional Medical Center.

It is sad to see fellow bikers dying. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that 506 motorcycle riders died in California motorcycle accidents in 2008. According to the Federal Highway Administration, the majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by driver or riding errors. Other common causes of motorcycle accidents and fatalities include use of alcohol, negligence of other drivers, and hazardous road conditions. Motorcycle accidents have a higher incident of fatality than other motor vehicle accidents; therefore, CA motorcyclists must always be vigilant when riding.

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