Page Heading

How to use this layout?

This is default layout which you can use for any regular, non specified, pages. This is just paragraph.

Story 1

Use Heading 2 styled text blocks to structurize of you content. This block contains the summary of long text which is hiden and stored in text block below. Also you can see READ MORE button. If you want this button to toggle specified hidden blocks you should follow next steps.

  1. Assign the unique CSS ID for each hidden block. You can find this setting in “Advanced” tab.
  2. Assign “hidden” class for hidden block.
  3. Assign “readmore_button” class for the button
  4. Type the # character with CSS ID of hidden block in the link field of the button

For example hidden text has CSS ID “story1” and class “hidden”. Button has class “readmore_button” and link “#story1”. Enjoy!

Story 2

John L’s case became very, very complicated. He was involved in a hit-and-run accident around 2:00 a.m. on a highway with no lights and no witnesses. John had a $25,000 UIM policy. In California, there is a requirement that there be contact between the two vehicles, actual physical contact in a hit-and-run scenario, before a person can recover against their UIM policy. The police report did not indicate that there was contact between John’s motorcycle and the hit-and-run vehicle. However, our client in his statement on the police report said that there was contact–that a guy had hit him from behind and then he took off. The UIM adjuster was denying the claim saying there was no contact and that they had inspected the motorcycle and their inspection concluded that there was no contact.

Another example that we care…

We litigated Michael J’s case successfully for a decent recovery. However, before the case closed a local County hospital operated by the City attempted to collect from our client the portion of his bill that had not been paid by his insurance company. This is against California code in that balance billing in this particular instance is not correct or allowed. However, both the City, after talking to their attorneys, and the County, disagreed with the case law and ended up filing a lawsuit against our client regardless.

We ended up speaking to lawyers over at Blue Cross, Michael’s health insurance provider, as they have a duty to protect him. The lawyers from Blue Cross and the City/County ended up working it out and the balance billing lien of $15,000 against the case was dropped. Michael ended up getting a decent amount of money in his pocket due to our initiative.

A lot of other law firms would not go the extra mile to research the case law, the codes, nor take the effort to so proactively assist their client.