Motorcycle Injury Lawyers TexasTexas Motorcycle Lawyers: According to a story in the Statesman-American, a young Austin, Texas motorcyclist was recently prevented from entering a medical therapy program because of state budget cuts. The unfortunate 29-year-old Texan was injured when he was thrown from his motorcycle in May of 2010. Although he was wearing a helmet, he suffered traumatic brain injuries which resulted in paraplegia. According to his family, he is aware of his surroundings, yet can only communicate by signaling “yes” or “no” answers with his eye movements.
The injured Texas biker, a software engineer, was northbound on Babcock Road in San Antonio when he was struck by a driver who reportedly didn’t see the motorcycle. The biker was thrown nearly 100 feet by the impact.
Immediately after the accident, he received ordinary hospital care at first and is currently housed in a Texas nursing home. Sadly, however, since his healthcare benefits ran out several months after the motorcycle accident, he hasn’t received the much-needed therapy that could improve his life. He had reached the number-three position on the state’s waiting list for such therapies when the state budget was cut, effectively denying him the necessary therapy.
Disability… The downside we don’t hear about
Texas motorcycle accidents can cause lifelong disability for the injured person, and lifelong burdens for his or her family. Although we often read in the news about motorcycle accidents that result in fatalities or serious injuries, we rarely read a follow up story about those people disabled in Texas motorcycle crashes.
As a sober reminder, this present story underscores the often-overlooked downside of motorcycle accidents in Texas– Long-term disability– which may be a fate even worse than death, without medical insurance to lessen the burden of providing therapy and medical care for an injured family member.
An injured motorcyclist who is denied medical treatment is thereby denied the chance for a successful outcome.
If you or a loved one has been denied therapy or medical treatment after being injured in a motorcycle accident, you should contact an experienced Texas motorcycle attorney who can review the circumstances and help you win the relief your family deserves. At BAM, our Texas motorcycle attorneys will not only fight to ensure appropriate financial compensation but, most importantly, we will fight to ensure that your loved one receives all of the long-term help, perhaps even lifelong therapy, that is necessary for a brighter future.
If you are injured in a motorcycle accident in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, or anywhere in the State of Texas, we have Texas Motorcycle Attorneys that can help. Call us at 1-800-4-BIKERS to schedule your free consultation today.

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