Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: Motorcyclists STILL Want Stronger Laws Against Negligent Drivers – but many people do not. What do you think?

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Earlier in the year, we addressed the issue of drivers who injure or kill motorcyclists getting off the hook with simply a traffic ticket. While negligent drivers who put motorcyclists at risk by drinking and driving are usually criminally punished for their negligence, what about negligent drivers who simply fail to notice the motorcyclist in the road? Last June, the deaths of two Washington County motorcyclists seem to ignite this controversy once again, and had us all asking—should the traffic laws be tougher on negligent drivers?

In June, Steven Susee and Shirley Waite died when their motorcycle was hit by a car that was turning onto Route 22 in White Creek, Vermont. The driver of the vehicle was cited for failure to yield the right of way, but no criminal charges were filed. Hank McGrath, the founder of the American Biker Culture Center and Bikers Against Discrimination, hopes that he can get the laws in the State of Vermont toughened a bit for motorcyclists. As of now, the law states that in order for criminal charges to be filed against a driver, the driver must have committed several errors or traffic violations at the same time. (For example: texting on the cell phone and failing to yield the right of way, or failing to yield the right of way and speeding).
As of now, the law has not been changed, but McGrath and the victims’ families hope that their bill will one day become a reality, and that negligent drivers who kill motorcyclists will be criminally punished for their actions.
At Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®, your safety is our top concern. That is why we created BAM, a free roadside and legal assistance program. It is also why we dedicated our entire practice to helping injured motorcyclists and their families after devastating motorcycle accidents. We too have seen the destruction and damage a negligent driver can cause and are strong legal advocates for motorcyclists across the country.
We want to know what you think! Should state laws become tougher and criminally punish any driver who kills a motorcyclist? Or do you dislike these types of laws and penalties all together? Have your voice heard—tell us what you think!