What a Woman!

MEN – what are your thoughts on women riders? Ladies do you find you’re supported or do you experience “uncomfortable” comments from men?

Men who support women that ride are absolutely awesome!
It’s such a pleasure to hear men so supportive and proud of their ladies riding. Ike Rocca sent in Just got this bike for my bride to help her heal after her heart attack. She helped me pass my motorcycle test 26 years ago. What a woman!

Ike, you are our kinda guy!
The appreciation for your lady is heartfelt in your message and your big heart shines getting a bike for your bride.
It so refreshing to see a coupled that “married right” and in addition you knew exactly what would help her heal more than medicine – her own scoot!
You say “what a woman” and I hear ya and I’ll raise ya one to “What a great couple”.
If you have an amazing woman rider in your life, post your praise on the blog!!
Let’s celebrate our women that ride!!!
Ride On!
Brenda Fox