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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer; There are heroes walking among us every day—and some of them just happen to have 4 legs. Meet Kabang—a hero dog who risked her life to save two young girls in a motorcycle accident in the Philippines. Kabang lost her snout in that rescue and was scheduled to have facial reconstruction surgery at the University of California. Unfortunately, that facial reconstruction surgery will have to be postponed, because she needs treatment for an aggressive vaginal tumor and heartworm first. If she receives the treatment, then veterinarians say that she has a good prognosis.
Kabang’s story is one of love and devotion. Last year, the heroic dog jumped in front of a speeding motorcycle to save her owner’s daughter and niece. The 9 year old and three year old girls were crossing a busy street in Zamboanga City when the dog spotted the speeding motorcycle and leapt in front of the bike to protect the children. Sadly, Kabang’s entire upper jaw was torn off during the accident, prompting many local veterinarians to recommend putting the dog to sleep. The children, however, were miraculously unhurt—thanks in large part to Kabang and her selfless heroics.

San Francisco Chronicle

A critical care nurse from New York and the media quickly got wind of Kabang’s heroics and began Care for Kabang in order to help raise money for the dog’s care.  The online campaign has raised more than $22,000 from 22 countries to provide care for the dog and help her live a normal life. The costs of caring for Kabang is crippling for her family and all donations are appreciated.
In April 1, 2012, Kabang gave birth to six beautiful puppies before doctors noticed the aggressive cancer. It will be several months longer now before Kabang is able to receive the dental and facial surgery she needs.
At Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®, we love the heroism this dog displayed and the generosity of strangers who are willing to help her receive the treatment she needs to fully recover. If you would like to contribute or donate to Kabang’s care, visit her online website. Motorcyclists are known for their contributions to the community and many of us are animal lovers. If you have any touching animal stories to share, we’d love to hear them! We Ride—We Care—We Win!

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