Biker Injury AttorneysMichael Jakscht who on March 25, 2010 claimed he was distracted by shuffling through papers and didn’t see eight motorcycles he plowed into with the sanitation truck he was driving, has been charged.  Phoenix police arrested him on suspicion of driving under the influence of methamphetamine.
On Tuesday Jakscht was booked at Maricopa County Fourth Avenue Jail on four counts of manslaughter, five counts of aggravated assault and seven counts of endangerment.
This horrific accident came a few weeks after Jakscht was in another accident.  Apparently Jakscht was cited by Scottsdale police for failing to control his speed which caused him to hit a stopped vehicle.
Normally toxicology reports take up to six weeks to get results but due to the pressure put on the police department from Motorcycle clubs and motorcycle safety groups, the department made this test a priority.
At the scene of the motorcycle accident Jakscht passed all the field sobriety tests but his toxicology test came back showing Michael Jakscht could have possible been high on illegal drugs at the time of the accident.
Michael Jakscht could face more charges.
The motorcyclists killed in this horrible accident are Dayle Veronica Downs-Totonchi, 47, Clyde R. Nachand, 67, Stephen Punch, 52 and  Daniel L. Butler, 35.  And Phoenix fire captain Ernie Lizarraga remains in serious condition.  Cianna Harmon, the eldest daughter of Phoenix Fire Captain Ernie Lizarraga posted an update about her Father on the Cyclerides Facebook Facebook  Our hearts go out to all the families involved in this tragedy.