The regular motorcycle photo spread, you know the one, a hot girl scantily clad in various positions around a beautiful bike is pretty standard across the industry. Well, what started out as a regular photo shoot on a Ducati 1199 Panigal for Portland-based Ducati dealer MotoCorsa became one that is quite unique.
Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® – MotoCorsa brings a fresh approach to sexy posing with Ducati motorbikes

motorcycle feature manigale ducati

Manigale is the ballsy name bestowed upon a calendar project launched by Portland’s Ducati dealership MotoCorsa.

“It’s a little twist on that sexy Panigale shoot we did a while back,” said Arun Sharma of the dealership. That little twist is Sharma and his team dressing up in tight apparel with strappy heels while posing seductively with a Ducati.

The male staff at MotoCorsa embraced the challenge to throw caution to the wind and tackle the clichéd sexy girl posing on a motorcycle image. The resulting images portray the crew as much more human, relatable, and accessible. The images also break down the sexism that has been prevalent in motorcycling and make the dealership more approachable by the ever increasing populace of women riders.

Initially, MotoCorsa engaged model Kylie Shea Lewallen to draping herself upon a Ducati 1199 Panigale in the traditional ‘sexy girl with bike’ images that people are accustomed to seeing…. and then the men came along. The images are comical, a bit twisted, and definitely give the viewer a better appreciation of how much more limber the female body is when compared side-by-side with a male counterpart.

The calendar is entitled “seDUCATIve vs. MANigale” for more info and to see the whole awesome photo shoot head to