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Is that leather you’re wearing while you ride too stuffy, maybe just too hot? When it rains, do the clothes you wear while riding leak and allow you to get wet and weighed down? Well, if you answered yes, you are not alone. These were exactly the issues faced by motorcyclist Andy Goldfine. Thirty years ago, Andy got fed up with the lack of freedom offered by leather motorcycle gear and the lack of weather protection presented by the other options out there. So, he started Aerostich, a clothing company specifically for the motorcycle rider. Aerostich seeks to offer the best in elemental and road protection, preventing overheating while still allowing the rider to feel the wind.
The company specializes in custom fit motorcycle riding suits – fine-quality, waterproof textile riding gear. Aerostich  has been garnering international attention over that last few years yet many American motorcycle riders don’t even know this riding suit option exists! Because most riders tend to automatically go with more traditional riding gear manufacturers, they fail to take notice of other, possibly safer, more comfortable options such as Aerostich. The halls of Aerostich’s office and retail space are lined with suits that have survived crashes and, according to one office employee; they have suits that have really taken a beating. There is one example where “the rider was traveling 65 mph when he spilled on dry pavement, slid and tumbled. He was able to ride away from the scene with bruises on his hands and a twisted knee”. Pretty impressive.
Riders who have made the transition swear by the suits, and say they are well worth the cost, as they allow maximum freedom, while offering superb protection from the elements and the road – check them out at
Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® are always on the side of better safety and equipment to enhance the riding experience and is pleased to see the introduction of more and more safer riding gear.
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