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A recent article in The Morning Call highlighted a new effort in Pennsylvania to increase motorcycle safety awareness. In an effort to reduce the number of Pennsylvania motorcycle accidents and fatalities, PennDOT has created a sobering online documentary called “Live Free Ride Alive.” This short documentary includes interviews with several Pennsylvania motorcyclists who share why they love riding in spite of the losses some of them have suffered and the risks. In addition, this website also features safety tips, crash statistics, and information about motorcycle training programs. Pennsylvania motorcyclists are encouraged to post or send YouTube videos with their own motorcycle stories on the Live Free Ride Alive website. Check it out.

The timing of Pennsylvania’s motorcycle accident prevention campaign is good in light of these recent PA motorcycle accidents:

Anne Beiler, the founder Auntie Anne’s national pretzel franchise, was injured in a motorcycle accident in Gap, Pennsylvania on Saturday July 24. According to an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Beiler’s motorcycle went down after she ran over an oil spot on the road. Her injuries included a concussion, a broken collarbone, and broken rib. Luckily, Beiler was wearing a helmet at the time of the Pennsylvania motorcycle accident.

While Auntie Anne may have escaped her motorcycle accident with relatively minor injuries, another recent Pennsylvania motorcycle accident had a much more tragic ending. Back on June 27, five Harley riders died and another was critically injured in a horrible Lancaster County Pennsylvania motorcycle accident. A United Press International article states that the six bikers were riding on three bikes when they all crashed into a van on northbound Route 72. All three Harleys hit different sides of the van. Five of the victims died at the scene and the surviving motorcyclist was transported to a nearby hospital in critical condition. Some of the victims were still wearing their helmets and other helmets were found around the accident scene.
If you or someone you love is injured in a Pennsylvania motorcycling accident, it is important to find a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident attorney who understands the intricacies associated with motorcycle accidents.
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