Never Forget! Rolling Thunder 2012

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: This year marked the 25th anniversary of the Rolling Thunder® Inc Ride for Freedom.

Rolling Thunder® Inc Ride for Freedom kicked off this past Memorial Day Weekend with a beautiful ceremony at the grave of the Unknown Soldier and a candlelight vigil at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. Their main goal? To make sure that the government of our country enacts the laws necessary to bring home Prisoners of War and Missing in Action soldiers. They want to be sure that no man or women is left behind by our country and they vow to continue this ride until everyone is brought home and accounted for. An estimated one million motorcycle riders were in Washington, DC for this incredible event.

In year’s past, President George W. Bush and Barack Obama have made it a point to meet with Rolling Thunder officers in order to discuss important topics that concern the group, such as health care, fate of prisoners of war, and those who are still missing in action. This year Rolling Thunder’s founder and Executive National Director Artie Muller told the Washington Times that they had a good meeting with Obama’s staff but he was disappointed with his brief greeting with President Obama.
Mr. Muller and Rolling Thunder representatives want to be sure that the government continues to understand the issues facing war veterans everywhere. There are numerous matters facing war veterans today, including health care issues, navigating government bureaucracy, and buying prescription medications. Along with raising awareness for the many men and women who are missing in action or Prisoners of War, including current POW Sgt. Bowe R. Bergdahl who is being held by the Taliban in Afghanistan, Rolling Thunder also hopes to help affect legislation that may improve veteran’s lives in the future.
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