Film star and motorcycle aficionado Ewan McGregor narrowly escaped injury on Tuesday evening when he was thrown from his motorcycle due to a collision with a car.

The Trainspotting star has been injured previously including a broken leg during a motorcycle crash in 2007 in London and when he totaled his bike in 2000 after skidding off a road in Scotland.

Though McGregor, 42, did not specify where he was during Tuesday’s snafu, he did quickly take to his Twitter account reminding drivers to be more aware of their need to share the road with riders. His tweet read:

He tweeted, “Check your mirrors for bikers before you change lanes people. It’s annoying when picking yourself off the tarmac to hear ‘didn’t see you.’  Very kind. I’m wasn’t (sic) knocked down but bumped into. Just keep your eyes in your mirrors. Bikers are vulnerable. And very cool.”
McGregor is a well-known rider in the global motorcycling community due to his documentary Long Way Round which followed the actor and his friend Charley Boorman as they rode 19,000 miles from London to New York between April 14, 2004 and July 29, 2004. They traveled eastward through Europe and Asia and then they flew to Alaska and continued on to New York.   
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