Arizona bike weekFatal Rear-End Motorcycle Accident in Arizona
Saturday, October 16th, a Buckeye woman and her husband were sitting still at a red light when a Chevrolet Cobalt rear-ended the woman’s motorcycle, shortly after midnight at the intersection of Indian School and Citrus Roads. Sadly, the woman was killed in this tragic Arizona rear end motorcycle accident. It is suspected that the driver of the Chevrolet had been drinking.
The fatal Arizona rear end accident comes only seven months after a motorcycle accident in Phoenix was so shocking in its magnitude that the American Motorcycle Association publicly announced its condolences to the victims’ families. According to witnesses, a large dump truck approaching a red light at the intersection of 27th Drive and Carefree Highway failed to manage its speed and ran into the back of eight motorcycles that were carrying 9 passengers. The dump truck hit the motorcycles with such force that it continued over them eventually hitting the back of an SUV that was stopped in front of the motorcycles. This accident claimed at least four lives and left many others seriously injured. Male and female riders, ranging from the age of 35 to 67, were injured or killed. Phoenix Public Safety Manager, Jack Harris, told reporters he had never seen such a horrific accident involving so many motorcycles.
Communities around Arizona have rallied together to try to increase awareness of motorcycles on the streets in their communities. Many have expressed concern over what they view as a lack of serious consequences for drivers of vehicles that are involved in accidents that harm motorcyclists.
If you are involved in an Arizona motorcycling accident, it is important that you contact an experienced and veteran Arizona motorcycling accident attorney. Wherever you may be in Arizona, we are here to help. We are avid motorcyclists ourselves and want to do everything possible to advocate safety for motorcyclists all throughout the state of Arizona. Whether you live in Phoenix, Glendale, Tempe or any other Arizona city, call us at 1-800-4-BIKERS today.

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