Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: Riding Motorcycles – Just do it!  Believing that you can!

Limitations hold us back from things in life and are so often a road block put up by our own minds. Challenging and overcoming fear and a poor belief system takes desire, effort and is definitely worth grabbing the “handlebars” of life.  Living cautiously is a road that goes nowhere and has its own risks!  It puts you on the spectator bench instead of playing in the game and let’s face it; that really isn’t living at all.
Motorcycle riding is no exception and women often express how fear holds them back from stepping into the world of riding.
Karyn Allen works as a flight nurse in Charleston, South Carolina. She is an awesome woman motorcycle rider is who was open about her biggest challenge with riding … believing she could do it.
She first started riding in the 80’s and picked it back up in 2005. When she started, there weren’t many women riding. Since I was one of them, I totally understand the “taboo” of females on bikes.
She shares; “I bought a Honda years ago for inexpensive transportation. My mother in law at the time told me ‘ladies don’t ride motorcycles’ – so I sold it. I bought my second bike when my youngest aged out of playing hockey, since this had been my social circle for most of my life – I needed a new one.”
One thing you know for sure, motorcycles are going to open up a whole new social circle, Karyn says; “I have made friends all over and have been able to view roads, in a way that couldn’t possibly be appreciated from a car.”
Currently riding her Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe, which she loves, she told me; “it’s comfortable, it fits me perfectly and it is an all around great bike. I’ve painted it and made it my own with chrome, speakers, wheels and oh more CHROME!
With her bike dialed in to be the perfect ride for her, her advice for other women is; “JUST DO IT!”
Overcoming self-doubt, fear and whatever limitations were holding Karyn back have opened up a whole new world for her. A world of making new friends, new experiences, new adventures as well as an empowering journey of overcoming “stinking thinking” that was holding her back.
Get out and ride and clear out the cobwebs from your brain.
Ride ON!
Brenda Fox
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