An aggressive driver in a gold Honda Civic caused a motorcycle accident that has killed five people.  The accident occurred on a road near Ocotillo just east of San Diego. The driver of the Honda Civic took off from the scene of the accident and is believed to have run across the border to Mexico.
“This is one of the most traumatic I’ve seen”
CHP officer Deeann Goudie, the first emergency responder on the scene.
In addition to the five fatalities, four others with major injuries were taken by helicopters to San Diego hospitals.
The driver of the gold Honda Civic was impatient and decided to pass a group of motorcyclists out for a ride. A white Dodge Avenger was coming in the opposite direction. The Honda cut in front of him and while trying to avoid hitting the Honda Civic, the driver of the Dodge spun out of control and drove into the group of motorcyclists. A female in the Dodge died at the scene and the driver was one of the injured taken away by helicopter.
Sentiments are running high in the small community of Ocotillo, “Causing this accident is inexcusable but to run and leave people in the road to die is murder! I will pray for the victims and their families and for the capture the killer”, said one local resident.
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