Bikes on the Bricks Starting Today!flint michigan events

The downtown area of Flint, Michigan will be hosting the seventh annual Bikes on Bricks event this weekend featuring a plethora of motorcycles and family friendly biker fun.  Organizers are expecting this year’s event to top last year’s levels of 10,000 bike and 25,000 attendees.
Chris Everson, a member of the Bikes on the Bricks board of directors, was quoted as saying; “One thing that makes Bikes on the Bricks different is that it’s more family -friendly,” He went on to add that; “It isn’t the crazy bikers show with girls taking off their tops. This is about motorcycles — it’s more than a party. People enjoy that, because it’s somewhere people can go to relax and have fun.”
The two mainstays of past shows will return for this year’s event as well. There will again be a police training event to be held in the University of Michigan-Flat lot, as well as a police escorted ride around Genesee County.
The police training event attracts officers from all around the nation, including Pennsylvania, New York, Louisiana and Texas. There are even some that come from our neighbors to the north in Toronto, Canada. Nearly 80 police officers are expected to be on hand for the friendly competition and camaraderie. The training course teaches the skills that can later be used by police for VIP escorts, funeral escorts and traffic enforcement.
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The police escorted ride is expected to boast 1200 bikes for this year’s edition. Starting on Saturday at 11am, at the Vehicle City Harley-Davidson outlet on Miller Road, riders will take to the paved back roads of West Court Street, continuing on to Elms Road and Mount Morris, then cutting east to Irish where they will ride south to Richfield before taking Genesee back to East Court Street finishing up in the heart of Flint. The entire ride—about 30 miles will give a glimpse of all kinds of different motorcycles from classic bikes to antiques to Hondas Harleys and more.
New to this year’s Bikes on the Bricks event include the infamous Globe of Death! Riders enter a transparent sphere and attempt to ride around it by maintaining constant speed trying not to fall in the process. What’s even better is when this stunt is done with multiple bikes which must then try to avoid each other in the tight area. There will also be live music there as well—in all 12 different bands are on the ticket. Included in the mix is Skinny Molly which is made up of former members of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Blackfoot.
Looks like it’ll be a good time for the whole family this weekend in Flint, Michigan so check it out if you can!
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