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All Florida Motorists Urged to Be Careful! Once again, it’s time for the spring biker tradition in Daytona Beach… Bike Week! Each year, thousands of motorcycle riders flock to Florida for the largest motorcycle rally in the Eastern United States. It’s a big party to which an estimated half-a-million bikers from everywhere make adventurous “runs” on their motorcycles, with Harley-Davidson as the strongly-preferred brand of “scooter.”
Unfortunately, even though everyone hopes for a safe and peaceful gathering, and Florida motorcycle lawyers are actively working to increase safety awareness, there will inevitably be accidents. Although the number of deadly motorcycle crashes during Bike Weeks appears to have topped out at 21 fatalities in 2006, state authorities still warn that Volusia, Brevard, and Orange Counties are the most dangerous regarding fatal motorcycle accidents.
Bikers are safety-minded, yet fear is in the air!
According to the Florida Motorcycle Safety Commission, although an estimated 80% of attending motorcyclists are said to wear helmets, an estimated 70% of interviewed bikers admitted to being worried about being struck by a distracted motorist.
During Bike Week, even veteran local motorists tend to become distracted while ogling the colorful show of bikers and their machines, and often cause a range of motorcycle accidents from minor to major.
Motorcyclists have every reason to be afraid of distracted drivers. Motorcyclists have the right to ride freely, and to gather for rallies such as Bike Week, and events like Bike Week provide a huge boost to local economies everywhere in Central Florida. Yet, despite the wishes of bikers and the best educational efforts by Florida motorcycle lawyers, each year this dangerous mix of cars and motorcycles guarantees a tragic ending for an unlucky few celebrants of Bike Week.
If you or a loved one has been injured by a Florida motorcycle accident, you should contact an experienced Florida biker attorney to ensure that you receive the financial compensation and other help necessary to move forward after an accident. Call the Florida biker Attorneys at 1-800-4-BIKERS for your free consultation.
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