Florida Motorcycle Accident AttorneysFlorida Motorcycle Accident Attorneys:  A Record $7 Million Judgment for Injured Motorcyclist… Just A “Drop in the Bucket”?

As reported through Bradenton.com, a record $7 million judgment for Sarasota and Manatee County was recently awarded by a 12th District Judge to the seriously-injured passenger of a motorcyclist killed in a motorcycle accident on U.S. 41 in Manatee. The Florida motorcycle accident victim suffered traumatic brain injuries and requires long-term care, although few other details were available at press time.

When mentioned in news reports, “big lawsuits” usually catch the reader’s attention, and to most people in Florida, $7 million seems like an enormous amount. Yet in the aftermath of a serious Florida motorcycle accident, $7 million dollars is a small amount of compensation for a lifetime of pain and suffering.

$7 million may be merely a “drop in the bucket” when weighed against the huge expenses of caring long-term for a family member injured in a Florida motorcycle accident.

According to statistics from the Brain Injury Association of America , traumatic brain injuries (TBI) often result from motorcycle crashes, and such injuries are said to cost at least $60 billion annually in the United States, with those same information sources implying that there are at least 200,000 Americans under long-term care for TBI.

Extrapolating individual costs from these figures implies an average lifetime cost of nearly $3 million to provide medical and nursing care following a TBI—not to mention costly special therapy and rehabilitation which may or may not be covered by insurance. We must remember that the above figure is merely an average and Florida motorcycle attorneys warn that individual lifetime needs may be much higher (or lower) than the above overall average.

If you or someone you love has been hurt or lost as a result of a motorcycle accident in Palm Beach, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Pensacola, or anywhere in the State of Florida, you should contact a Florida motorcycle accident lawyer for help, to ensure that the downed biker receives the money he or she needs to fully recover.

An experienced Florida motorcycle accident attorney can protect your rights and ensure that the downed biker and family receive plenty of financial support, as well as the long-term therapy and rehabilitation necessary for the best outcome. Please call the Florida motorcycle lawyers today at 1-800-4-BIKERS to arrange a free consultation.


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