“America’s Most Wanted” Fugitive Causes Fatal Texas Hit and Run Motorcycle Accident
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On September 4, 2008, 25 year old Texas musician and songwriter, Eric Laufer, was on his way home from a gig in San Antonio, TX, when his motorcycle was hit from behind by a speeding SUV. At the time of the impact, the SUV was traveling at a speed of almost 85 mph. The high speed caused the Texas motorcyclist to be thrown atop of the SUV’s hood before he was ejected on the roadway, and the motorcycle was dragged for a mile. The driver of the SUV NEVER stopped. In fact, the Texas hit and run motorcycle accident was so violent that it caused the young Texas motorcyclist to die instantly from internal decapitation (when the skull separates from the spinal cord).

When police officers arrived at the brutal scene, a license plate was wedged between the motorcycle’s body and rear tire. This license plate would prove to be the only clue officers would need to identify Eric Laufer’s killer. Finding him, however, would prove to be a bit more difficult.
The Texas Hit and Run Driver becomes “America’s Most Wanted”

The license plate that police officers found at the scene of the fatal Texas motorcycle accident led them to a house only a half a mile away from the scene of the grizzly accident. Texas authorities identified the driver as a Jose Luis Dorantes, but without a picture, they have been unable to find the man responsible for the tragic Austin, TX,  motorcycle accident.

As of October 9, 2010, they have yet to apprehend Mr. Dorantes, but Eric’s family and friends hope that the television piece on “America’s Most Wanted” will help them find his killer and bring him to justice.
I hope this piece of work gets what he deserves!
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