Gary Busey took the Hollywood scene by storm in the 1970’s after his introductory hit role starring in the lead for “The Buddy Holly Story”. Busey went on to star in more than 70 films; however, as his acclaim grew, so did his desire for living life on the dangerous side. “I’d never done it before (cocaine) and I tried it, and BAM! Whoa!” said Gary Busey in an interview with Oprah Winfrey as he recalled the first time he took cocaine. “I was immediately taken by the addiction.”

During the course of Busey’s hard-living ways, he suffered immense physical injuries as a result of a 1988 motorcycle accident in which he was not wearing a helmet.

“My bike hit sand and fish-tailed,” said Busey. “I hit the front brake and flipped over and hit my head on the curb.” Busey said he was rushed to hospital for immediate surgery and it was during this time that he started encountering odd mental issues. “At one point I was on 12 types of drugs while strapped down naked to a metal table in the mental health alert ward.”

Busey spent his days in the hospital caught up in prayer and he felt the sensation of a white cloak cover around him; he has since referred to the cloak as “faith”. He believes strongly that his faith is what ensured he was released more than two and a half months early from the hospital.

In spite of his ahead-of-schedule recovery, Busey admits that the motorcycle accident dramatically altered his life. “My brain got altered in a way that is not normal; I now have a different way of feeling and looking at things,” said Busey. “I know how special life is.”

Busey only rode his motorcycle once more after the crash without his helmet. “It was so sinful and stupid and insane that I immediately got a helmet,” said Busey.

Regardless of the challenges placed upon Busey after his bike wreck, he was still a hellion when it came to partying and he overdosed on cocaine in May 1995. “Cocaine was my devil,” said Busey. “I danced with him in my life but then banished him and now I only dance with the angels.”

At the time of this writing, Busey has maintained his sobriety for more than 18 years.
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