motorcycle accident injury law russ brown attorneyRuss Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: Georgia Man Finds His Stolen Bike…In Canada!

Chris Ward of Milton, Georgia was a happy man back in 2008, as he pulled off the lot with his brand new Yamaha 600.  Unable to afford motorcycle insurance, he could care less, he rolled down the road enjoying the freedom and exhilaration of that first ride.  But things quickly went south for Ward and his motorcycle—it was stolen from him before he could even get over 400 miles on the odometer.  With no theft insurance, Ward was out of luck in making any sort of a claim and he still had to pay for the bike.
As time went on, Ward, an ex-marine now police officer, ended up resigning himself to the fact his beloved bike was gone forever. That was until he received some surprising news in a rather unusual way.  While in court, discussing the proceedings of a local trial, a receptionist burst in trying to mouth the words, “they found your bike” to Ward.  Eventually, the proceedings were halted in order for Ward to receive the news; he was elated.  “I was so excited, really thrilled,” Ward said. “I couldn’t get on the phone to them fast enough”.
The “they” the receptionist referred to, is the York Regional Police force based in a suburb just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Once Ward received the news, he began making the necessary arrangements with his superiors to make the 1000 mile journey to Aurora, Ontario, the York Regional Police headquarters.  Upon his arrival, he presented the Canadian officers with Milton, Georgia Police Force badges as a sign of his gratitude and the key to the city, which Milton’s mayor offered upon hearing Ward’s unusual story.
After Ward was reunited with his motorcycle, which now has 14,000 miles, some orange paint and the occasional upgrade, he was all smiles.  He’d made his last payment on the bike less than a month ago, and wished to celebrate.  He and the officers involved in the case, held a small celebration, while Yamaha donated some accessories and other materials to help maintain and repair any damage done to the bike by the thieves.
Due to the fact that Ward had no insurance, he was still listed as owner of the bike when York Regional Police found his machine while breaking up a motorcycle theft ring.  Normally, after a claim has been made through an insurance company, the company itself is listed as the owner.  Detective Sergeant Lou Malbeuf, the head of the recovery unit put it this way, “In all my 10 years and with more than 5,000 vehicles reclaimed, I have never actually met a victim, let alone hand him back a set of keys. It’s strange the bike would travel so far. Who would have ever thought?”
Now Ward has some serious making up to do, missing out on almost five years of riding…but he’s got one thousand miles on his trip back to Georgia to jump start the process!

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