GEt Your Bam Card At Sturgis 2012I know there is so much to see and do at the 2012 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and I am also betting that it is impossible for one person to do and see everything, but the one thing you have to do is make sure you get your BAM card (from Motorcycle Lawyer Russ Brown) while you’re in Sturgis.
What is BAM? BAM is a unique organization of Bikers Helping Bikers®. Motorcycle Attorney Russ Brown started BAM over 30 years ago to provide assistance to motorcyclists across the country. BAM’s nationwide volunteer network of over 1.5 million motorcyclists can help you in an emergency. If you experience a breakdown or mechanical problems while on the road, call 1-800-4-BIKERS, and we will computer search our volunteer network and do our best to send someone out to help.
Join over 1.5 million other riders and receive:

  • Emergency Roadside Motorcycle Service

  • Nationwide Legal Service Network and immediate legal assistance if you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident

  • 24 Hour Toll Free Motorcyclist Hotline

  • Emergency I.D. Card

  • Motorcycle Storage

  • Blood Donations

  • Hospital Visitation

Ok, now you know what BAM is, you know sooner or later you are gonna need it, especially making the run home after Sturgis. Nothing can kill a good midnight run like a flat tire, running out of gas, or a serious break down, especially when your miles from the nearest anything, so you shouldn’t take chances when you don’t have to, and oh yeah by the way the BAM card is 100% free.
So all you gotta do is go visit one of the BAM booths in Sturgis, on Main St and Lazelle St in Sturgis and at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. They always have the hotties there to pretty up the place so get your ass in gear and make sure you tell them that Big Rob sent you!