Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: Fort Morgan Christmas Parade gets a “Giant” Boost from a “Giant” motorcycle!

When the residents of Fort Morgan, Colorado take to the streets on the evening of December 3rd, they are sure to see some spectacular parade floats for the annual Christmas parade. The biggest looks will likely be reserved for the float displaying a giant motorcycle constructed out of recycled and otherwise discarded materials.
The giant motorcycle, dubbed the “Bronco Iron Horse”, is the brainchild of Clark Bettenhausen, a welder who has spent 25 years plying his trade in the metal business. He specializes in creating motorcycle artwork out of recycled materials. Sculpted in the Beauprez Repair Shop, situated near For Morgan, the larger than life bike is assembled from numerous items that would normally be found in a junkyard. The fuel tank is constructed from two wheelbarrows, the headlights from a ballpark and the engine sourced from 55 gallon drums and ammunition cases. In all, the assembly has taken Bettenhausen approximately 700 hours to complete! And he is proud of what he’s created, saying “this is probably my best one.” This is really no small feat considering the rest of his motorcycle artworks are on display across the country. “God’s Ride” is on display in the desert at the Nevada-Oregon border, “Lost in Nevada” on permanent display in

God’s Ride

Winnemucca, Nevada where it was created for specifically for a bike show, and “Angels Ride”, a much smaller motorcycle replication, on traveling display across the nation, at bars, churches etc.
Bettenhausen plans to drape “Iron Horse” in Christmas lights and parade it down Main Street.  Afterwards, he hopes to connect with the Denver Broncos, and raffle the bike off to raise money for children’s charities. However, currently, his focus remains on preparing the bike for its big Christmas parade debut.
If you are interested in checking out more of Bettenhausen artwork check out his website at There are some really interesting and intriguing pieces to view.
Have a great Holiday Season!
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