Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: Holiday Gift Guide for the Motorcycle Lover in Your Life!

Are you looking for that perfect gift for the motorcycle lover in your life? Stumped as to what they may or may not like? Well look no further! We’ve got some great gifts that are guaranteed to put a smile on your motorcycle loving friend.
Harley Davidson – yes, a new HD motorcycle would be awesome but at the end of the day not a lot of us are getting gifts quite like a new motorcycle  – but Harley Davidson stores are jam packed with a variety of products that any motorcycle enthusiast will love. And don’t forget Harley Davidson is celebrating 110 years of riding freedom August 29th to Sept 1 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – how about getting your loved one and yourself tickets to what will be one of the top motorcycling events to hit in 2013.  Great gift idea.
Passes to the Legendary Sturgis Buffalo Chip – Sturgis Rally 2013 – Does this need explaining?  You can still get rally passes to the Best Party Anywhere – AKA – the Sturgis Buffalo Chip for the 2013 rally.  Toby Keith and ZZ Top have already been announced to play during the rally and many many more top performing acts are yet to be announced.  You can still get a camping rally pass for the week for $185.00!  That’s a steal.  Buy now cause the prices go up in the New Year.
Hot Leathers – Hot Leathers is one of our favorite motorcycle apparel sites and they are holding the “12 Deals of Christmas”  – you name it, they have it.  Graphic tees for men and women are great gifts!  Plus gloves, helmets, patches, accessories etc etc etc.
2013 Vintage Motorcycle Calendar—this is more stocking stuffer, but it is always fun to look at really cool motorcycles year round. This motorcycle calendar showcases some of the best motorcycles in the world and is sure to please any motorcycle lover. This calendar by Tidemark in particular features the 1970 Thunderbolt and the 1924 BSA 250cc Round Tank!
Customized Tervis Tumbler—Tervis tumblers are gaining popularity for their versatility. You can keep drinks hot or cold in them and they fit neatly in any cup holder. What’s best is that they can be customized with your own image, name, or design. Why not make a customized Tervis tumbler with your friend’s motorcycle on the front or a copy of his favorite motorcycle group’s logo. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating your own cups!
Motorcycle Required Reading—every motorcyclist should read “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” at least once! Why not make it this year? In addition to this book, book stores like Barnes and Nobles and Amazon have tons of motorcycle-related reading materials including “how to” books and books about the history of motorcycling.
Helmet Speakers—everyone loves to listen to their own tunes when they are riding and helmet speakers are the way to go. Helmet speakers are designed to offer big sound in a small package. They are inexpensive, thin and press easily into your helmet’s ear pockets or lining.
Motorcycle Movies—there are tons of movies out there that feature some amazing motorcycling. Easy Rider and the World’s Fastest Indian are just two awesome movies you could buy this year to put in your motorcycle lover’s stocking! Don’t forget the popcorn!
Roadside Emergency Tool Kit—every motorcyclist should have one of these for emergency situations. No matter where you ride, an emergency tool kit is a necessity and can help you in a variety of jams.
A Membership to BAM—this is the best gift by far because it is FREE! You can sign your motorcyclist up to be a part of BAM, our free emergency roadside and legal assistance program. It is a unique organization of Bikers Helping Bikers® and there are almost 2 million members! If you experience a breakdown or a problem while on the road, you can call the toll free number

1-800-4- BIKERS —FREE! Having a BAM card in your wallet means you are never alone when you are riding! No matter where you choose to ride in the USA—we are here to help. To join BAM call 1-800-424-5377 or join online at

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