Tag the World Baton Pass – Coming to a City Near You!baton relay motorcycle suzuki global
Tracy Presnell  went on his Suzuki M109 motorcycle to meet someone he only knew through an online motorcycle forum. Tracy Presnell was completing his leg of of the ‘Tag the World Baton Pass’ —a journey created by members of the M109Riders.  Their website, www.M109Riders.com is a place where owners of Suzuki M109 motorcycles can chat with each other, talk about their bikes, events and other events happening in the world.
The idea was floated in one of the website`s forums and was originally pitched by member Dave Bergman. The idea quickly began gathering steam as more and more members pledged their support and willingness to participate in this unique event.
Forum members worked together to design banners and the baton itself. Narinder Singh, a Canadian member in British Columbia, began the first leg of the journey. Since that first segment, the baton has now traveled down the entire west coast of the United States, into Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado, in all, over 3,000 miles.
Enter Tracy Presnell who recently picked up the baton in Colby, Colorado. Upon his return home, he posted on the forum that he had received it and waited for a response. “The whole path is unstructured,” Presnell said. “As it moves along, guys come up and say, I can take it next”. That next willing member happened to live a ways north of Presnell, so he travelled the 87 miles north to hand the baton off in Concordia.
Riding the Suzuki M109 motorcycle to pick up the baton is one of the criteria of the ‘Tag the World Baton Pass,’ and through bad weather, mechanical issues and other challenges; the group continues to soldier on. Presnell himself thought it was cool because at each hand-off, members were offered the chance to actually meet other members that they likely wouldn’t have the chance to meet otherwise.
According to recent posts on the forum, they plan on taking the baton through a number of states until they get to Chicago. From there, it is headed to the east coast where members have plans to ship it overseas for the next great leg of the relay. There are plenty of M109 motorcycle riders around the world who will get their chance to carry the torch.
If you are interested in checking in with the M109Riders and the ‘Tag the World Baton Pass’ head to www.M109Riders.com
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