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HISTORY OF NEW YORK RIDER MAGAZINE (By Lisa Petrocelli, editor of New York Rider Magazine)

Five years ago, Carmella Brown, a wife and mother from Syracuse, New York, decided to take a big risk and launch a free magazine which would cater to bikers in New York, a magazine which would hopefully represent every motorcyclist in New York State, and provide each with a voice and a “home” to turn to for information, stories, and events happening in the biker community.  Although this seemed almost impossible for one woman to accomplish, from Carmella’s dream, the first issue of New York Rider Magazine was pubished in December 2005, only 12 pages long and with only a handful of advertisers to start (16 total), and a small group of supporters, including Shane Gatto and Dino Petrocelli.  Carmella was introduced to Shane by her cousin Louie Costa. The premier issue, though slim, made enough of an impact to start the chain of events that has propelled New York Rider Magazine to statewide (and more recently, international) recognition and praise.

Since that first issue of NYR was printed, Carmella and the magazine have lived through many changes within the structure of the publication.  As with any business, there were several “personnel” changes over the years, however, there are some supporters who have been with NYR since its inception, such as Dino Petrocelli, who has been the magazine’s chief photographer since the very first issue and continues to showcase his amazing talent every month. Shane Gatto was the subject of the first centerfold, featuring his “Root Beer Float” motorcycle. The Alexander & Catalano law firm was one of the first advertisers for NYR and continues their loyalty to this day. 

It wasn’t long before the stories came pouring in from readers and by March 2006 the magazine was expanded to 24 pages, twice its original size.  This year, 2010, the magazine averages between 37 and 50 pages per month, full of stories, event listings, advertisers, and information for all who are lucky enough to obtain a copy of NYR!
New York Rider has many people to thank for its huge success in such a short time.  Those first few advertisers who took a chance and promoted their services in a brand new magazine were so appreciated.  The readers who have contributed stories over the years have been invaluable, especially since the magazine was begun for the sole purpose of being a resource for bikers all across the state.  After a few years, the motorcycle club world was introduced to NYR, in large part through Jesse Hunt.  Jesse helped us open the door to the sometimes mysterious world of motorcycle clubs, and provided us with opportunities to present that world to readers, who might otherwise never realize the clubs even exist among us.  The clubs in turn have been grateful to NYR for supporting them whenever possible. The staff of NYR strives to cover every motorcycle event possible, not because we have to, but because we want to, and we NEED to be out there in the biker community where the stories are born.
New York Rider Magazine is successful because of the following people involved in the production of the magazine every month:   

  • Lisa Petrocelli – Editor 
  • Kim Basco – Designer
  • Dino Petrocelli – Photographer
  • Hank McGrath – Columnist, Roads to Justice, and Founder of B.A.D. (Bikers Against Discrimination)
  • Krit Campbell – Columnist, LaLa Land
  • LJ James – Biker Lowdown Radio
  • Brian Bagley – Columnist, Chop Talk
  • Chuck DeCost – Webmaster & Contributing Writer
  • Hermis Yanis, Jr. – Contributing Writer
  • Mitchell Proner – Contributing Writer
  • Hervé from France – Contributing Writer
  • John Hodges – Field Rep
  • Eddie Jidoun (69er’s MC) – Field Rep
  • Russ Brown & Chuck Koro, Motorcycle Attorneys (BAM) for articles and support throughout the year

Carmella, her family, and the NYR staff are all extremely dedicated to the magazine, often committing many personal hours to guarantee its success.  NYR at this time, on the occasion of its upcoming 5th anniversary, would like to thank, in addition to those mentioned above, the following individuals, organizations, and motorcycle clubs, for their unceasing support over the past 5 years.  New York Rider Magazine would not be celebrating this achievement without every one of you:
Alexander & Catalano
Ashley Miller
Audrey Nesibitt and the Russ Brown & Chuck Koro, Motorcycle Attorneys
Back On Track Again
Ben Rabin
Don Birch and The Saw Mill Tavern
Jesse Hunt
Joe and Lee Bledsoe
Joe Malloy and Christine Campbell
Kim Oliver
Louie Costa
Marcus Osmun
Nancy Regg, Ron Lewis, & Rolling Thunder
Rob’s Cycle Supply for sponsoring the events listing and for shipping NYR every month
69ers MC
Bladesmen Motorcycle Club
Boozefighters Motorcycle Club
Caretakers MC
Demons Motorcycle Club
Derelicts MC
Hells Angels MC
Highwaymen Motorcycle Club
Iron Horsemen MC
Road Dragons MC
Sons of Sam MC
The Jury Motorcycle Club
Uneasy Riders Motorcycle Club
Warlocks Motorcycle Club
New York Rider Magazine’s Fifth Anniversary Party will be on Saturday, October 9, 2010, at the Pinnacle Restaurant & Motel in Caroga Lake, New York.  We hope that ALL of our supporters (clubs, individuals, advertisers, readers) will join us as we celebrate the first five years of unifying our New York biker community!  Our union has made a huge impact on all motorcyclists in NYS.  We have managed to bring biker’s issues to the forefront and will persist in accomplishing our goal of highlighting the noble and charitable works for which New York bikers deserve respect and recognition.  This constant support of each other will continue to drive us to greater heights – the possibilities are endless, and together we will soar!
We have secured special pricing for anyone attending our Anniversary Party and we will also provide a shuttle back and forth from any of the following motels:

  • Lake Country Cabins, Caroga Lake, NY:  2 night minimum @ $99 per night + tax 518-835-2806.
  • Nick Stoner Inn, Caroga Lake, NY:  $50 cash for the night (they also have two bars there)  (518) 835-8000
  • Microtel Inn & Suites, Johnstown, NY:  Special pricing for New York Rider Magazine, make sure you mention us to get the discount. 518-762-5425
  • Holiday Inn, Johnstown, NY: Special pricing for New York Rider Magazine, make sure you mention us to get the discount. 518-762-4686

We would appreciate any donations for the celebration (food, auction items, etc.) and sponsors will be formally recognized at the party. 
Thanks New York Rider for a great five years thus far.
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