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In recent years the Harley-Davidson Motor Company has been actively pursuing the younger motorcycle buying market with particular attention being paid toward sport bike enthusiasts, women, and the international market.
The most important initial step is to ensure a rider has participated in and passed an accredited motorcycle riding training session. Many regions are making it legally mandatory to have participated in one of these courses in order to receive the motorcycle endorsement on a driving license.
Another perk with the motorcycle endorsement is that bikes can be test ridden or rented for the weekend so a new rider can get a feel for the bike before committing to buying.
Once a rider has decided upon purchasing a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, it’s important to remember that the bike can easily be modified to fit the rider rather than the rider trying to fit the bike. Logic would say that a salesperson would provide this type of information; however, based upon my experience working and visiting many dealerships, the sales staff doesn’t always mention this.  It defies logic because, in my opinion, it’s a major selling tool because a new rider usually isn’t going to realize that that can switch out components easily.

How to make a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle fit the rider:

  • Seats – This is one of the easiest items to switch out and seats with less or more padding can be added to reduce or increase the height of a rider while sitting on the bike.
  • Handlebars – Most dealerships will have a setup where a rider can sit on a seat and different bars be switched out so they can get a feel for what riding style and position they most like whether it be drag or mini apes.
  • Forward Controls – This feature is very handy when it comes to long road trips so that a rider can reposition their legs.
  • Lower Kits – Almost all Harley-Davidson bikes can be lowered to provide a more comfortable and safer ride if someone is vertically challenged. It’s not pleasant for a rider to have to be on their tip toes when they are at a stop trying to balance 600+ pounds between their legs!
  • Center of Gravity – When you first sit on a bike, be sensitive to the balance when you put the kickstand up. Some bikes will just feel very top heavy and those usually won’t provide a pleasant ride for you.

Once the perfect Harley-Davidson is decided upon, it will be important to ensure it has a windshield, saddlebags, and I highly recommend an engine guard. Some riders feel engine guards detract from the look of the bike and to that I say that there are two kinds of riders: Those that have dropped their bikes and those that will drop their bikes. Dropping a bike is part of it – it won’t happen often, but even with the best of us, it does happen. For this reason, have the engine guard to protect that valuable motor and paint job.

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