I am at my desk in hot Los Angeles where I work for Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®.  One of my job perks is the people I meet on the road at various motorcycle events and Krit Campbell is a great person and I had the privelege of meeting her through New York Rider Magazine owner Carmella Brown. 
This article is written by Krit Campbell, who is also one hell of a biker!
Part One
Anyone who has followed my writing these past few years knows that I love to do interviews. I love to meet new, cool, fellow bikers, and especially female bikers!
This month, I am happy to introduce you to a kick ass woman and motorcyclist from CT named: Debi “Killer” Henninger. You may have run into her at any one of the gazillion motorcycle events in the tri state area, over the past 3 decades, as Debi attends most of them!  I was turned on to Debi by Mary Richardson, a fellow female motorcycle columnist, and I was thrilled that Debi agreed to sit down with me at a pizza joint in Beacon Falls, CT and shoot the shit for an hourmso I could compile this “piece” about her.
Debi came from humble beginnings and is a big believer in positive energy. No matter what, Debi will tell you that, “Life is Good”, and she really means it.  As a product of foster care, it was riding a motorcycle that gave her comfort, and as a matter of fact, one of Debi’s favorite motorcycle, day ride destinations is a place called, “Lady of Peace” at East Rock. When I asked why this particular destination was so dear to her, she explained to me that when she would take off from her foster families care and trek out to Lady of Peace to comfort herself and that each time she visits she restores that feeling of comfort and peace within herself. I, for one, can dig that! 
Debi has ridden a motorcycle for so long, as she puts it, “All of my life”, that she can’t remember not riding. As a matter of fact, back in 1978, Debi formed a motorcycle club for girls only, called, “The Killerettes”. This was the 1st all female motorcycle group around, and lasted 8 years, until the usual bullshit, politics, and aggravations that come with heading a riding club, made her rethink the organization and eventually dismantle it altogether. 
Debi is an actress and has credits in film and prime time television and reality shows, such as: The Bronx is Burning, Dan in Real Life, Indiana Jones IV, The Diner, as well as 3 music videos for Chris Keys. Although she loves to act, Debi is the first to tell you that she considers riding her full time job- and Loves It!   
Although Debi kept riding her motorcycle hard throughout the years, it was in August of 2007 when Debi found herself listed on the ultra popular “BIKER OR NOT” website. Donning her signature pink garb, complete with pink bandana, and posing on her pink 2000 Superglide, the response was a resounding “HELL YES-SHE IS A BIKER!” It was after this exposure that Debi decided to once again try to gather females for a riding social scene, with the most important motto being, “NO-Drama!”  
Now, Debi has a motorcycle group of about 73 ladies, ranging in age from 29-76 years of age, who meet 2 or 3 times a week (schedules and weather permitting) to ride. As a matter of fact, until a month or two ago, these ladies were meeting at a local diner, but there were so many riders, that they grew too big for the diner to accommodate- and now they have their own clubhouse in North Haven! This group of female riders is accepting of all makes/models of bikes, all ages of riders, and all riding capabilities. They accept everyone who lives the life and as Debi so eloquently puts it, “we accept everyone, and give you the rope- if you chose to hang yourself, that is on you, and not us”.  The old adage, honesty and respect – you give it, and then you get it, is how this group of ladies operates. They are a family. They look out for each other, and believe in safety 1st– which can be a rarity in this day and age while doing group rides- believe me! 
to be continued….

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