Hells Angels suing again over copyright infringement.
There are dozens of truly iconic logos and most everyone in motorcycling will recognize the Hells Angels logo immediately. However, one rapper and aspiring clothing designer was recently served with a lawsuit by the legendary motorcycle club for jacking their Death Head logo.
Young Jeezy’s company is 8732 Apparel and went wild imprinting the alleged knocked-off logo on everything from jackets to hats and selling them for big profits. Hells Angels are now claiming that 8732 has raked in some serious cash and they want dibs on every single red cent of it.
The lawyers representing the Hells Angels are suing for unspecified damages and are requesting the judge to force 8732 from any further sales of merchandise with the disputed logo design.
The motorcycle club has a history of suing over their logo and one of their past targets was MTV’s Rob Dyrdek and his cousin’s clothing line, Young and Reckless. In that case, Dyrdek quickly distanced himself from the business and design decisions made by his cousin; the Angels won that case and received an apology from Dyrdek’s cousin. The Hells Angels have sued Marvel Comics, Disney and and the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen for illegal use of all that is associated with Hell’s Angels including their name and logo.
What do you think? Do they look the same?  Similar?