Motorcycle Attorney Law Blog; Honda Developing Bikes That Talk to Cars

Tired of cars cutting right in front of you while you’re riding? Or those that turn out of a side street without looking? Well, so is Honda it seems. During the 19th World Intelligent Transportation Systems Congress, (ITS for short), Honda unveiled the “Motorcycle Approaching Indication”, which, when installed on a bike sends a signal to the rider, and driver of the car, when it senses that there is a potentially obstructed vehicle in that alleyway; or another vehicle who is approaching in their line of travel.
Originally proposed in 1999, Honda has spent years developing this software to the point that it was first demoed in 2008, on their Gold Wing model. Since the 2008 demo, the Motorcycle Approaching Indication application has been refined to the point where it can be put into use on Honda’s smaller models like the NC700X, which just so happens to be the particular model they demoed at this year’s ITS Congress.

Motorcycle HMI Warning Lights

As the tests have progressed, it has become clear that this application works well, but has a few kinks to work out yet. When tested in the two most common motorcycle-car collisions, T-boning (broadside collisions) and being cut off by cars making left-hand turns, the Motorcycle Approaching Indication system has been demoed quite successfully. Honda is currently testing the application in other, less common scenarios to determine the system’s true potential.
Along with this, Honda has been hinting that the Motorcycle Approaching Indication system may have the potential to communicate with roadside infrastructure, thereby warning the rider of upcoming road hazards, and allowing them to make the appropriate changes to their route in order to take the safest way to their destination. However, this portion of the Motorcycle Approaching Indication system is still in its infancy and will take a while to get to the point where it can be put into practice.
This application will go a long way towards making our roads a safer place; by warning both rider and driver of each others presence, limiting the risk of collision. The sooner it is put into full scale production, the better.
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