Important First Steps after a Motorcycle Crash California

Those who ride know that safety’s the most important thing to remember while on your motorcycle. We all know someone who has been injured and none of us want to be in that situation. Unfortunately, no matter how careful a rider can be, they can end up in a motorcycle crash through no fault of their own. California law is in place to protect you, other riders and motorists. However, if those laws aren’t followed, or even if they are and someone’s carelessness causes an accident, it’s important to know what to do after a California motorcycle crash.

Here are the first things you should always do after a motorcycle accident:

Get Out of the Road and Get Somewhere Safe

If you’re able to walk away from a motorcycle crash, California highways are not the place to figure out what to do next. Get off the road. With car wrecks, oncoming drivers can generally see that there’s a problem and avoid it. That’s not always the case with a motorcycle accident. You have to take care of yourself before you take care of your bike.

Call 911 and Check for Injuries

Yes, you read that order correctly. Call 911 first. If you or someone you’re riding with is seriously injured, you’re going to want help right away. Also, if you or someone else has an injury you don’t know how to deal with, 911 operators are often able to walk you through anything you may be able to do while waiting for help to arrive. Additionally, calling 911 leaves an official record. Should you need Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys later — and you will need a motorcycle injury lawyer in most cases – this record can be helpful.

Of course, you’ll want to make note of any injuries, whether you think they’re serious or not. Often, injuries that don’t seem all that significant–while your blood is still pumping and you have an adrenaline rush from having survived a California motorcycle crash–prove to be more serious that you thought later.

Call a California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer – and Do Not Admit Fault

Accidents happen. It may be your fault; it may be the other guy’s fault; it may be both; it may be neither. Regardless, don’t admit fault – not to the other driver, not to the police officer and definitely not to an insurance company (yours or the other involved party’s). Talk to a motorcycle attorney first. Whether you need to defend your own actions (even if it was your fault) or you need to make an insurance claim because of damage to your bike or your body, you’re going to want Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers who understand what you face as a rider in the legal system after a motorcycle crash California.