Ride Therapy in Tennessee

Russ Brown Motorcycle Law; Women that love riding are my kind of people!
Debbie from Tennessee is one of those gals and when she shares a bit about her life and riding, I’m sure you’ll feel and related to her passion for riding.
Name: Debbie Poole
Location: Kingsport, Tn.
Occupation: Retired As A Chemical Operator From Eastman, With 30 Years Of Service. Now I Am A 2nd Officer Of The Bristol, Tn. #273 Southern Cruisers Riding Club 8 Years, And A Member Of The Motor Maids For 10 Years.
Currently rides: 96cc, 2007 Heritage Softail Classic Harley Davidson. My Very First Harley. At This Time Mileage Of 68,000 Plus.
When did you start riding? Started At The Age Of 9 Years Old. Now At 58 I Still Love To Ride.
What got you involved in motorcycles and how did you start? My Mom Helped Me Start Out By Buying Me A Mini Bike. Started Riding It While Delivering News Papers At The Age Of 9. Moved My Way On Up Thru The Years For Different Sizes & Brands Of Bikes As I Was Growing Up. Brothers Had Them & I Knew I Wanted To Ride Too. I Love To Ride A Motorcycle.
How has riding motorcycles impacted your life? Leaves me with The Freedom On Getting Out On My Own & Enjoying The Life Of Riding On My Motorcycle. I’ve Met Lots Of My Friends Now & Meeting New People Every Day While Out Riding The Roads. I’ve Been To A Lot Of Different States & Places I Would Have Never Dreamed Of Going Too If I Had Not Been Riding A Motorcycle. Love To Travel On My Motorcycle.
What Has Been Your Biggest Challenge With Riding? Trying To Ride A 1100 Gold Wing 1976 Model To Work And Backing It Up. Legs To Short & Bike Weight Was Way To Heavy For Me.. Should Have Not Been On That Bike.. I Could Ride It Going Forward, But Don’t Make Me Back It Up Out Of A Parking Place. Cause I Can’t.. To BIG Of Bike For Me To Handle. But I’ve Wanted To Make A Trip Across The USA On A Motorcycle From The East To West And I Did Get To Make That Dream Trip Come True In 2007 With My Motor Maid Friends. What A Great Challenge That Was And I Enjoyed Every Minute Of It.
What do you like most about your model motorcycle? Right Now It Would Be The Color & Size That Fits Me. I Can Handle The Weight And Ride A Passenger If I Needed Too Without A Problem.
What Modifications have you made? Changed Pipes To Low Sound To A Medium Sound With Rush Pipes Slip On. Lower Bike 1″.
When you’re not riding motorcycles what are your other interest? BIG #1 Fan Of Dolly Parton And Love To Go To The Mountains.
What Advice Do You Have For Other Women Riders? Take The Riding Course First Before Buying A Bike, Make Sure You Want To Be A Rider & Not A Passenger, And Not A Want To Be Rider. Get A Bike That Fits You And Not One That You Can’t Handle More Than You Bargained For. When You Get On A Bike You Want, You Will Know That Bike Is Your Choice And No One Else Can Tell You What To Buy. Pick A Bike That Has You On It And That You Can Handle It Safely And Your Feet Are Touching The Ground. Don’t Believe That The BIGGER The Bike, The BETTER It Will Be For You.
How Tall Are You? 5′ 4″
What Is Your Weather Like Year Round? We Have Had Lots Of Changes Here Lately, So I Would Say You Could Now Ride Year Around In 40 o/c To 100 o/c. Last Year I Was Riding Year Around With This Crazy Weather Pattern We Had.
How Is Riding Therapy For You? I Can Get On My Bike When I Have Had A Hard Day, Or Fussing With My Better Half And I Relax Just Out Riding With Myself And The Wind Blowing In My Face To Calm Me Down And Enjoy The Free Time With Me, Myself, & I. I Feel As No One Can Touch Me Or Take This Feeling Away. While I am riding my bike I Feel Like I Have All The Worries & Troubles Left Behind Me And They Stay There And I Can Enjoy A Good Ride On Down The Road. I Come Back Home And Feel So Relax And With A BIG SMILE On My Face.. Ooooooo Did I Tell You, I LOVE TO RIDE MY MOTORCYCLE :0)
If you understand exactly what she means when she describes how motorcycles help her deal with the stresses of life, you are one of the lucky.
Like Debbie and those that ride… Riding is my therapy!
Ride ON!
Brenda Fox

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