Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: Indian Motorcycles – will it be the comeback story of 2013?

Who can forget the smooth lines and vintage styling of an Indian Motorcycle! Finalizing a plan that began in 2008, Polaris Industries of Medina, MN has begun a total re-launch of America’s oldest motorcycle company. Cyril Huze ( in the article ’10 Motorcycle Predictions for 2013′ predicts Indian Motorcycles will be “The Biggest Media Story Of The Year And Maybe Of The Years After…”
The Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company marketed the first American made motorcycles from 1901 until going bankrupt in 1953. The company was known for making beautiful motorcycles that competed mainly in the high end of the marketplace. After bankruptcy, numerous attempts have been made to resurrect the brand but none; it would seem, as promising as the current effort.
Since completing the acquisition of the name in 2011, Polaris reviewed what the previous owners of Indian had been doing, what had worked—and, more importantly, what didn’t. Armed with this research, Polaris is now taking the brand in a different direction. According to Polaris CEO Scott Wine, the reasons why the cherished motorcycle company had previously run into various problems was not that the bikes weren’t beautiful, (they sported the iconic styling expected of Indian, complete with the war bonnet on the fender flare, the vintage styling throughout), but that the bikes were too expensive.
“The problem,” said Wine, “is the bikes are very, very expensive–$37,000 or so–at the high end of what anyone would spend on a motorcycle. And the quality and performance were just okay–not what Polaris wants to stick its name behind”.
So, Polaris has begun to make some improvements; improvements that won’t sacrifice appearance and performance and, at the same time, keeps the bike within a competitive price range with other brands. Instead of the aforementioned $37,000 price tag, Polaris has reworked the bike to be more wallet friendly, taking the price tag for the bikes to a much more palatable range of $8,000 to $24,000. Having been designed and engineered from the ground up, a new Indian model—the Chief, is scheduled for release this summer. Polaris has been very quiet about the specs of the bike; but has hinted at a retro revival. “Think of how Chevrolet took the ’68 Camaro and brought it forward to 2010 when it was relaunched,” said Steve Menneto, vice president of motorcycles at Polaris. “It was a modern car, with all the technology, electronics and quality, without losing the brand heritage”.
Polaris believes that its biggest hurdle is to re-establish the Indian Motorcycles dealer network; as there are only 20 remaining in the entire United States. While it controls numerous Victory Motorcycle Dealerships and Polaris dealerships, it plans to keep the brands separate. For now, all we as motorcycle enthusiasts can do is wait and see as to what Polaris unveils later this year—but it certainly is exciting to see what looks like a promising return of the iconic Indian brand!

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