Los Angeles San Francisco Motorcycle Accident AttorneysThe high number of  motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and throughout the State of California has highlighted the hidden, long-term financial risks that motorcyclists face when they suffer injuries during a motorcycle wreck. While injured California motorcyclists may receive early medical care, insurance money sometimes fails to cover their entire rehabilitation, leaving them without the financial strength to properly heal before returning to work. In addition, financial pressures may force many injured California motorcyclists to accept smaller settlements in an attempt to make ends meet.

All motorcyclists should be already be aware of the need for basic insurance coverage as required under California law, which includes compulsory liability coverage, generally in the amount of $15,000 for bodily injury to a single victim, or $30,000 for injuries to multiple victims, and $5,000 coverage against property damage. Yet, in the event of a serious motorcycle crash, California motorcyclists are usually underinsured. There is nearly always a huge gap in coverage between the above minimum coverage levels and                                                                          the actual expenses in a major accident.

Underestimated expenses: Time off work

Victims and their families may face many unplanned and underestimated expenses following a motorcycle accident.  One of these is usually the cost of time lost from work. Since most families are generally focused on their loved one’s therapeutic progress, they overlook the mounting costs of unpaid household bills or other deferred expenses while they attend to their loved ones most urgent needs. As a result, financial pressures increase.

A California motorcycle attorney will help you negotiate from a position of strength

After motorcycle accidents  in Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and throughout the State of California, it often happens that injured motorcyclists become discouraged and desperate while waiting to receive compensation. As a result, some insurance companies have become adept at slowing or stalling the settlement process in order to squeeze savings at the expense of injured motorcyclists. When this occurs, an experienced California motorcycle attorney can help the injured biker negotiate from a position of strength instead of simply “waiting and hoping” to receive a fair offer from a negligent driver’s insurance company.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a California motorcycle accident, you need the help of a California motorcycle lawyer. An experienced California motorcycle lawyer  can help you negotiate from a position of strength, instead of being pressured to accept inadequate compensation or return to work too early. Call the California motorcycle attorneys at 1-800-4-BIKERS today to schedule your no-obligation consultation.

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