Motorcycle LawyersI was reading the editorial by Scott Cochran, in the June edition of U.S. Rider News this morning (I’m behind on my reading). Scott’s editorial covered an interesting story about Anthony Graber from Maryland. Anthony Graber was driving his motorcycle on the I-95 quite recklessly and recording it with a camera on his helmet. He pulls off the freeway and is followed by an unmarked car that  pulls in front of him and stops. A white male gets out of the car waving a gun and screams at Graber to get off the motorcycle. A few seconds into this the white male identifies himself as a police officer as a police car pulls up from behind. No big deal right? A young man stunting on his motorcycle gets nailed by an gun wielding cop. Graber posted the video on youtube and was busted for “illegally wiretapping police activity”. What I find interesting is the cop was over the top but not crazy over the top and now, what would have been a non-issue is a huge issue. Now the cops are going to look bad, not for pulling over a reckless driver but for arresting him for the illegal wiretapping. The spin doctors should have commended the officer on being so concerned with public safety that while off-duty he pursued a reckless driver that posed a risk to the public. I have a lot of friends who are police officers and I, personally, get involved with a number of police motorcycle rides and the last thing the department needs is bad press. They need a new PR person because someone is giving them crappy PR advice.

In Baltimore, Maryland a police officer has been suspended due to a collision with a motorcycle rider which resulted in the bikers death. Officer Timothy Beall, a ten year veteran of the police force had been in a high speed pursuit with Haines E. Holloway-Lilliston of Cockeyes, when the two vehicles collided.  Holloway-Lilliston died at the scene.

Baltimore police are prohibited from high speed pursuits unless given permission. Officer Beall, reported he witnessed the motorcyclist racing another vehicle. Officer Beall tried to get Holloway-Lilliston to stop but he did not and the pursuit began. It has been reported that Beall was given orders to stop the pursuit but ignored the orders. This has not been confirmed by the department so it will be interesting to see how this investigation pans out.

And now some good biker news, the motorcycle tour ‘Motorcycle Ride for Dad’s 10th Anniversary Cross-Canada Tour kicks off August 1. The Motorcycle Ride For Dad has raised more than $5 million for prostate cancer awareness since it began  in 2000. For 10th anniversary, they partnering with the Canadian Armed Forces Military Family Fund.

Ride Safe!!!

If you need the help of a personal injury attorney who represents motorcyclists call 1-800-4-BIKERS.  We are bikers!

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