Iraq Veteran Plans To Ride Again After Hit and Run Motorcycle AccidentAfter serving two tours with the United States Marines in Iraq, for six months John Byro has been fighting the toughest battle he has ever had to face after being nearly killed when he was struck on his motorcycle by a hit and run driver in Gaylord Minnesota.  Since his October 27th 2011 crash on a rural Minnesota road John Byro has been in the VA hospital undergoing intense rehabilitation.
“It was pretty much guaranteed I was going to die,” Byro said. “Anybody crashes a motorcycle at about 65 miles an hour, there is no way you are going to live through that.”
Last Saturday was the first time John was able to thank those at his hometown American Legion who have supported him all these months, offering his sincere thanks to everyone who has helped him through the early stages of his horrendous hit and run motorcycle accident.
A mild loss of memory and the inability to do all of the things he once was able to do has been frustrating to John, but because of his inner strength which helped him to survive after being left for dead on a rural Gaylord Minnesota highway, this Marine vet has simple shrugged it off citing his gratitude for being alive and well on his way to a full recovery.
“I am frustrated with myself by not being how I used to be, but when I stop on a day like today and think back to the things that I have been doing, I am pretty amazed,” Byro said. “I mean, five weeks ago, I was in a wheelchair and now I’m walking around — I don’t even bring a cane anymore.”
With his miraculous recovery at the VA hospital, John has stopped dreaming of getting in the wind again, in fact he purchased a new Harley Davidson last weekend and is making plans to learn how to ride again.
The person who hit John hasn’t been caught, but the Minnesota state police are still actively investigating the case and have posted a $5,000.00 reward for information leading to an arrest.
Even through his life threatening, John has been an inspiration to everyone around him with his determination and perseverance to recover from his injuries with a new outlook on life.
Looking at life through the eyes of John Byro makes it possible to believe that if your heart is in it, nothing can keep you down! Our thoughts are with you John!
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