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Iron Hogz owner Jonathan Floyd, Greg Wells, Tim Couch and Herman Gonzalez – from DaytonDailynews.com

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®:  Herman Gonzalez gets riding again!

Herman Gonzalez is just like every other Harley Davidson rider. He was always looking to the distant horizon or anticipating the annual pilgrimage to the motorcycle mecca, Sturgis, South Dakota. Unfortunately, unforeseen events threatened to change this easy rider’s life forever.

Gonzalez had already adapted to life with one leg, which he lost in service to his country while he was a staff sergeant in the United States Air Force, but when Gonzalez was hospitalized for another surgery, he contracted a staph infection. “It took them a month to figure out what was going on,” he said. When Gonzalez lost the second leg he just knew that his days of riding his beloved motorcycle were over.

A Trike of His Own – Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorney Blog

Fortunately for Herman Gonzalez, one of his good friends just happens to be Jonathan Floyd, the owner of Iron Hogz Sports in Lebanon, Ohio. Iron Hogz is a premier motorcycle and ATV retailer with over forty years of experience in the power sports industry. They have made a name for themselves designing specialty bikes to help clients overcome physical limitations. Floyd told his friend, “When you’re ready, I’m going to build you a trike.

Floyd had built trikes before, one in particular for a 50-year old woman who had undergone a double knee replacement. “As the baby boomer generation continues to age and have knee replacements and hip replacements, they can’t continue to ride their motorcycles, and they shouldn’t have to give it up,” Floyd said.

It took nearly three months for Floyd and his crew, Greg Wells and Tim Couch to build the three-wheeled motorcycle which they have affectionately nick-named “The Hermanator”. “We got a trike kit from Mystery Designs out of Dallas, Texas,” explained Floyd. “Then you just take an original Harley motorcycle and start breaking it down. We built it specifically for Herman so he can do everything with his hands. It has every option possible.”

Gonzalez was elated when the day for the test drive came. “I was just supposed to take it around the back of the shop, but I took off down the road and drove it all over,” he said.

The customized trike was displayed at the Easyriders 2013 Bike Show Tour in February in Columbus, Ohio and has received overwhelming reviews when pictured in two national motorcycle magazines.

With his custom trike, Gonzalez is once again looking to the horizon as he and Floyd will soon hit the open road when they head to Florida for a week.

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