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The Highland-based Iron Riders Motorcycle Club has raised money for local children for over a decade now, and this year, they turned their attention to Andrea, a local 9-year-old girl who suffers from cerebral palsy. Her cerebral palsy has left her wheelchair bound and without the ability to walk or talk. The Iron Riders usually hear about children like Andrea through word of mouth and through community events, and when they heard about Andrea, they knew that there was something they could do to help her and her family.
Andrea’s Story
Andrea’s family lives at the end of a long 500 foot driveway that is filled with uneven slopes and potholes. During bad weather, the school bus cannot even drive up there to pick her up because of the dangerous driveway. Just last month, her parents tried to wheel her down the driveway in order to meet the school bus, but they hit a pothole and Andrea fell from her wheelchair and broke her arm. As a result, Andrea simply doesn’t go to school on those days anymore. When the Iron Riders heard about Andrea’s situation, they decided to raise money to have her driveway repaired and paved properly.
Iron Riders—Leather Clad Angels
12 years ago, the Iron Riders were formed by Steve Vaccaro who suffered from Type 1 diabetes. When he needed a kidney transplant as a result of the disease, his riding club decided to help raise money to get him qualified for a kidney transplant. Unfortunately, his doctor did not believe that Vaccaro would make it through the procedure and he was denied the transplant. Shortly before his death, he told the Iron Riders that they should continue to raise money for the children in their area who needed help—and for the last decade that is exactly what they have done.
Every July, the Iron Riders roll out the Barbecue pits and host a benefit ride and barbecue at the Cluett-Shand Park in Milton to raise money for children in the community who need their assistance. The famous local barbecue is complete with pulled pork, beef brisket, and mouthwatering side dishes and all proceeds go to benefit the children in the community.
In the past, they have bought bikes for the children in the Children’s Home of Poughkeepsie, helped terminally ill children and their families go to Disney World, and bought a motorized scooter for a 13 year old child with spinal muscular atrophy. These leather-clad angels have truly made a difference in their community and to the children whose lives have been forever touched by their generosity.
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