Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: Man Builds Amazing Wooden Motorcycle That Runs!

American motorcyclists are used to the feel of chrome, steel, and leather as we cruise down the highway and few of us have ever considered trying to build a motorcycle out of anything else. Lucky for us, Hungarian motorcyclist Istvan Puskas thinks a bit outside the box.
A  Hungarian motorcycle enthusiast, Istvan Puskas, has built his dream chopper, not out of steel, chrome, or leather—but out of wood! While this is not the first time that someone has built a motorcycle out of some unorthodox materials (an Asian man once built a bike out of popsicle sticks), what makes this so unusual is that Istvan’s bike is fully functional!
It is unclear whether Puskas could not afford to buy himself a conventional bike, or if he was simply looking to build something that would stand out, but his one-of-a-kind wooden motorcycle has certainly gotten a lot of attention. He has become accustomed to the astonished faces as he cruises the roads of Tiszaors, his home, which is 161km (100 miles) east of Budapest.  Now, his accomplishment is being recognized around the world and can be seen in the video below.

Istvan’s Wooden Motorcycle: A Labor of Love
Istvan Puskas is a 52-year-old tractor driver who spent two years constructing his motorcycle out of weather resistant black locust wood and acacia wood. The wheels, spokes, frame and most every part of the bike is built from wood. The amateur bike maker used a gasoline engine from a small Fiat to power his creation and determined to keep his design as true to its wooden origins as possible, has used a small wooden wine barrel as a gas tank.
Wood is not the only unusual material used in the construction of this special, one-of-a-kind bike. In place of the usual, flashy chrome, Puskas made his handlebars and exhaust pipes from cow’s horns and deer antlers serve as decorations. The total bike, excluding the motor cost Istvan a mere $200 to build.
What makes Puskas’ bike so amazing is that it is fully operational. His bike is capable of achieving speeds up to 17.5 mph, so it is perfect for his small Hungarian village. The one thing Puskas’ motorcycle seems to be lacking is a good suspension system, so it might not be a very good choice for long rides. Even so, one truly has to admire the passion and efforts of this unique motorcycle craftsman. If Istvan Puskas was looking to raise eyebrows he has certainly done that!

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