After 3 years of litigation and a 7 day trial, on July 9, a Los Angeles, California jury returned a verdict of more than $1.1million for an injured motorcyclist represented by Chuck Koro of Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®.
The thirty-one-year-old motorcyclist was cut off by a driver exiting a gas station and went down with his bike landing on his leg. His knee was shattered and he required extensive surgery. The insurance company refused to accept full responsibility for his injuries and damages, including the prospect of a knee replacement surgery. Their first and final offer was $137,000. The offer was rejected and the award was for more than eight times that amount.

“We will also be seeking reimbursement for costs plus interest. We are obviously very pleased that our client allowed us to take the case to trial, rather than be bullied into an inadequate settlement,” said attorney Chuck Koro.

Last year Chuck obtained a $19.4 million verdict for a client severely injured in a motorcycle crash after the insurance company refused to accept responsibility. Chuck and his partners, Russ Brown and Jim Romag (Brown, Koro & Romag aka Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®) have specialized in motorcycle accident cases for decades. They have been riding for years and understand the prejudice facing motorcyclists. They have been aggressive legal advocates for bikers across the country, recovering millions for their clients.