The Kawasaki J Concept Motorcycle – It’s fast and furious, but only when you want it to be.
The geniuses behind Kawasaki have unveiled a true transformation with the J Concept motorcycle. The bike is designed to easily modify from an upright cruiser to a road-hugging sport bike with relative ease. By simply using a hinge that is located beneath the rider’s seat, the bike can adjust the width between its dual front wheels while at the same time lengthen and shorten its wheelbase; in either situation the two rear wheel remain in a fixed position.
While the bike is in “sport mode” the front wheels are closer together and allows the rider to lean into the bike. When the rider wants to slowly cruise to show off the ride the wheels can spread apart to provide the stability needed at lower speeds and the seat will adjust into an upright position.
To play up on its dynamic futuristic appearance, the bike is electric and is powered by a Gigacell nickel-hydride battery which was originally developed for Kawasaki Heavy Industries transportation applications.
For riders itching to get their hands on the Concept J, it unfortunately isn’t intended for mainstream production at this time. However, it definitely is making a splash at testing the waters for what the new generation of riders might be interested in after the success by competitors such as Can-Am.
Stay tuned!
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