In 1986, Joan Krenning had a single solitary idea: to purchase a brand new Harley-Davidson Softail and begin riding. The salesman at the local HD dealership had to be prompted to talk with her, and when working to get financed, the bank asked for her husband’s permission to write her the loan. Married women were not allowed to borrow money without the signature of their spouse back in May of 1986. During those days, Joan was a budding entrepreneur who owned the popular biker bar, the Buckhorn Tavern, in Loveland, Colorado. In November of 1988, after making a very bad decision Joan lost the bar in a dramatic evening raid, was arrested that evening for drug possession and subsequently spent time in prison. Turning 35 in prison was a stark reality check and during the years that followed, motorcycling became her mental therapy, as she experienced the aftermath and numerous trials and tribulations in life.
Joan’s Second Chance
Lady Road Dog - Joan Krenning.
Over the next several years, Joan Krenning dealt with her demons and  low self-esteem. Her past haunted her and she was eager to outrun the shadows of her past mistakes. It was then that she started sewing to create headgear for bikers and within a few years she had a budding new business called DesignWraps.
The Epiphany
In 2012, Joan was attending the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and the Thunder Mountain Rally promoting Wraps of Hope, RidersWraps and Savvy Threads (DesignWraps Brands), when she noticed that too many bikers were divided along their political lines. Arguing over politics saddened her and she wondered where the “brotherhood” had gone. It was then that she had an epiphany. She would ride across the country—to every Harley-Davidson dealership in the United States—in order to unite the country and other motorcyclists.
Her mission:
To inspire hope by
·       Promoting the purchase of American made products.
·       Promoting the preservation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and
·       Inspiring to Love your neighbor in spite of how they vote.
According to Joan, Americans have not only forgotten our past—but also, who we are as a nation and what makes us truly great. We have become divided along lines of politics, and have forgotten what the Bill of Rights really means. She hopes to send a message to Americans everywhere to “be the change they wish to see in America”. She wants Americans to truly understand and get behind our phrase “United We Stand”, by supporting American jobs, praying for each other, and respecting others’ personal beliefs.
In the fall of 2012, she began to plan for her 3-year tour of the country and the artwork that would eventually turn her 2013 Street Glide into the beautiful motorcycle appropriately dubbed the “Freedom Glide”, truly a sight to behold. The rear fender holds Abraham Lincoln’s equality statement, “With Malice towards none, with charity towards all”. The rest of the customized Harley-Davidson Street Glide is decked out in phrases from the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

On February 2, 2013 her three-year mission began and to date, she has ridden 47,000 miles. By the time her trip ends, Joan Krenning will have been to 48 states in over 36 months and will have visited more than 700 dealerships while traveling over 200,000 miles.
” We don’t have a violence problem in our world, we have a love problem. We don’t understand what self-love is, and what we don’t possess, we cannot give to others.”
“Love for our fellow countrymen. That should be our first goal. Love them in spite of how they believe on the issues, instead of because of how they stand on the issues.” — Joan Krenning
Her Third Act & The Steel Horse Sisterhood
Steel Horse Sisterhood Loveland Colorado

Joan refers to her turning 60 on October 2nd as the beginning of her “Third Act.” In the last 12 months, she has founded the Steel Horse Sisterhood, resurrected her beloved DesignWraps Brands, and promoted the first Steel Horse Sisterhood International Summit which took place this past May in conjunction with International Female Ride Day.
May 2-4, 2014 marked the inaugural Steel Horse Sisterhood Summit.  The unprecedented 3-day event designed around women in motorcycling proved to be educational, inspirational and an incredible bonding experience for the participants, who drove, flew and, of course, rode in from all over the world including 23 States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.  The “Sisters” were entertained by local talent and pampered by national vendors such as Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®, Schuberth North America, Rocky Mountain Harley-Davidson, Cigna Insurance, Avon Tyres North America and Gran Prix Motorsports just to name a few.

Each year, the Steel Horse Sisterhood  Annual Summit will be held to bring women together, to share their love of motorcycling and each other as. This past year’s summit was a huge success and planning has already begun for next year’s event to be held June 11-June 14, 2015 in Loveland, Colorado.
“I have already seen the day, in that place where my vision lives; the day when women from all corners of our continent and of our world converge together. To live, laugh, love and ride! With our face to the wind, we enjoy, collaborate and inspire each other to live life with no limits and die with no regrets.” — Joan Krenning
To learn more about the Steel Horse Sisterhood and  Joan Krenning head to the Sisterhood’s website