We just say ‘we’re going to Laguna Seca’ but officially I should say I’m going to The 2010 Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Either way, it is California’s premier motorcycle event for motorcyclists and spectators alike. Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys® and their free membership program BAM, Free Breakdown and Legal Assistance for Motorcyclists will be there to see our sponsored racer JC Gibbs take to the track.

The first race on this track was held on November 9, 1957. Pete Lovely won this race while driving a Ferrari and since then Laguna Seca has hosted a variety of races both auto and motorcycle. Laguna Seca is famous for it’s Corkscrew turn (turn 8 and 8A combination). The Corkscrew is considered to be one of motorsport’s most challenging turns.

There will be many events taking place during the 2010 Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix including a Day of Stars. This is a special event for Riders For Health which is the official charity of MotoGP. Riders for Health provide motorcycles to help save lives in Africa. The motorcycles, this great charity supply to Africa, help get medicine and medical care to remote areas of Africa that are hard to get to due to poor roads and unreliable vehicles.

Other great events include movie nights where you can see some of the best motorcycle movies made for the big screen. LeoVince Movie Night
From 8:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. And there will be stunt shows, motorcycle demos, autograph sessions etc etc.

On the Wikipedia page for Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca they note that there are many camping facilities located at the raceway. They say something about permanent dry and hook-up camping facilities. I know nothing about this as Biker Red is not a camping chick. I am a hotel princess and with so many great hotels in the Monterey, California area, I’ll be damned if I’m ‘camping’. I’ll be at the Monterey Plaza Hotel sipping my martini by the pool.

Stop by the BAM, Free Breakdown and Legal Assistance for Motorcyclists, booth and sign up for the program. As one of our legendary BAMmers Carol puts it “if I break down in your neighborhood, you come out and help me and if you break down in my neighborhood, I come out and help you, Bikers Helping Bikers®,” Come on out and join the brotherhood. You may be able to assist a fellow motorcyclist in need.

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