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A Los Angeles motorcyclist was killed on Friday, October 29th when his motorcycle crashed into a car on the 405 Freeway. The California rider, 39-year-old Brad Harris of Newhall, was lane-splitting in a construction zone when he lost control of his bike in an area of the construction zone that was narrowed by the bridge replacement project. He struck two vehicles and suffered catastrophic injuries. Tens of thousands of Los Angeles were stuck in traffic from 6:15 on Friday until almost midnight after the fatal Los Angeles motorcycle accident.
Lane Splitting: The Cons
Lane splitting is a controversial topic in the Los Angeles area and throughout California. While not prohibited by law, lane-splitting can lead to serious and often fatal motorcycle accidents. Motorcyclists are not always noticed by drivers when they split lanes, especially in traffic or during night time when a single motorcycle headlight can get lost in a sea of traffic lights.
Lane Splitting: The Pros
Proponents of lane splitting argue that lane splitting reduces the likelihood of rear end crashes and that the US DOT FARS database show that rear end motorcycle collisions are actually 30% lower in California (where lane splitting is legal) as compared with other states such as Florida or Texas. However it is important to note that no formal research has been done on this safety issue.
If you do choose to split lanes in traffic, it is important that you do so safely and cautiously.

  • Ride in-between lanes at a relatively slow rate of speed
  • Always be on the lookout for other vehicles that may be looking to change lanes
  • Buses and tractor trailers always require extra caution because motorcyclists may be nearly invisible to those drivers
  • Take a position directly in front of the stopped lead vehicle in order to avoid a hook collision at an intersection
  • Never stop directly in another vehicle’s blind spot
  • Avoid lane splitting on narrow bridges, in construction zones, or on winding roads where visibility is limited
  • Always make sure you wear appropriate gear, including reflective clothing and a helmet

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