Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys®: One of a Kind Leo Motorcycle Found

In a story that seems to come right from the TV show “Storage Wars”, an exciting discovery was recently made in a Massachusetts museum.  A 107-year-old Leo model motorcycle, a brand thought to be lost to history, was found in its entirety in a storage area at the facility.
The Leo, assumedly named after the manufacturing company’s founder–the “Leo” in the L.A.Mitchell Motor Company of Oakland, California, is the only known survivor of its line and, surprisingly the motorcycle is still in complete working condition.  Leonard A. Mitchell lived in the bay area at the time and was a master mechanic but beyond that, little is known.  For example, no one really knows what happened to the rest of the Leos, even, in fact, if any were built.  Not much is known about what happened to the company or why it only produced the Leo in 1905 (there is even speculation the entire company was lost in the 1906 San Francisco, California earthquake) but the discovery of the relic and its spreading story will be sure to bring some further knowledge to the forefront. 
What makes this bike all the more fascinating is that it is the earliest example of American built two-stroke motor technology, and that it was one of the first “purpose” built motorcycles; meaning that it was built on a motorcycle frame, not a bicycle frame.  This was rare at the time and quite forward thinking.  The bike is in fantastic running condition.  Reports from people who have seen the motorcycle say it is “near-pristine condition” and that the motor is still running as well as it being 100% structurally sound.  The three horsepower, two stroke motor is the earliest surviving example of two cycle technology would have provided better than expected power for the machine as it was engineered to be lighter and more nimble than other bikes of the time.  Two cycle motorcycle engines were not in widespread use in the USA until after WWII
All of this is good news for Bonham’s auction in Las Vegas, Nevada, on January 10th.  The rare find is expected to bring in a good price at the event and it will be featured alongside a 1939 BMW Rennsport Kompressor and Steve McQueen’s 1970 Husqvarna 400 Cross.
Certainly seems like the vintage motorcycle lovers paradise.  It will be interesting to see how much the Leo and other motorcycles fetch at the auction.

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